How to Think Better: overthinking

Sometimes you need not to think.

Did you read that right? Yes.

Every possible angle

It’s striking how often we fall prey to overthinking. To overanalyzing. To looking at a situation from every possible angle and still not making a decision.

Sometimes all that thinking leads somewhere. Other times it’s just delaying the inevitable—the need to take action even before you have all the answers or 100% certainty.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about being strategic before getting tactical.

The RATTT in your life

But so often we think ourselves right out of action. We get frozen in the possibilities. Overwhelmed by the options. Paralyzed by our analysis.

I think of it as the RATTT in your life—research, analyze, think, think, think.

For instance, the other day a client revealed she’s procrastinating finishing the last half of the book she’s writing because she’s so caught up in researching and analyzing traditional publishing vs. self-publishing options. Her RATTT has become an obstacle to actually finishing the book, which is critical regardless of which publishing path she ultimately pursues.

Or another client has thought and thought about getting healthy and been researching and analyzing and comparing and weighing every possible diet plan and exercise regimen. Enough! It’s time to stop thinking and start doing.

My challenge to you is take the first step. Put your RATTT to rest—at least temporarily—and get on with it.