Start, Stop & Change: unfinished projects
It’s time to get into action with a mini mission.

Do you have unfinished projects nagging at the back of your mind? Are unfinished projects, whether work-related or at home, a constant reminder of something you “should” be doing?

As you think about each unfinished project, one of two things needs to happen: Commit to finishing the project or take it off your To Do list. It really is that simple although we often complicate the situation by waffling between these two states of “Will I? Won’t I?”

Here’s your mini mission

Think of a project that’s been on your To Do list for awhile. One you haven’t found the time, energy, or wherewithal to tackle.

Make a decision once and for all to finish this incomplete project or decide you’re not going to do it—period. Because dealing with a project sometimes means deciding not to do it all.

  • If you choose to complete the project, pull out your calendar right now and schedule the very next step that will move the project forward.
  • If you choose the latter course of action—you’re not going to do it—then take the project off your list and off your radar. No more guilty “shoulds” nagging at the back of your mind.