Start, Stop & Change: lighten your load
Sometimes we think major effort and grand sweeping gestures are necessary to create change in our lives.

It’s true an overhaul is sometimes required. But other times change begins with the smallest step, the tiniest of actions.

Take lightening your load, for instance. You could lighten your load by:

  • Decluttering your house from top to bottom
  • Scaling back commitments and freeing up “me” time
  • Eliminating negative self-talk and treating yourself with compassion

Those all sound good, but require a bit of elbow grease.

So what about an easier way to lighten your load?

Here’s your mini mission

Lighten your load right now by taking out your purse or wallet and removing one thing that isn’t really necessary to carry around with you. Select one item adding little or nothing to your journey, but instead taking up space and adding weight.

Be deliberate as you jettison the object. Think about the intentional act of removing something—however small—that isn’t enhancing your life. Feel the energy of creating space.

While the item you select might seem inconsequential, even this small, intentional act of subtraction lightens your load and enhances your life.