Start, Stop & Change: daily intention
I believe in the power of thoughts, which is why I set a daily intention.

I think of an intention as “done on purpose” thinking. And so setting a daily intention is deliberately deciding what I want for the day.

Not like getting items on a To Do list done. Or working toward my goals. But rather like ways of being. Because my intentions are usually about how I want to show up in my life and the world.

Setting an intention doesn’t take much time. Just a couple of minutes at the start of each day.

For example, here’s what came to mind this morning: Today I will live my strengths. I love this intention because strengths are where it’s easy. Where you’re free of friction. Where you’re in flow.

It’s uncanny how the day presents openings for the intention to show up. I usually see opportunities to lean into my intention all day long.

I keep my intentions short. In fact, I feel like their streamlined nature means they meet no resistance in showing up in my day.

  • Today I will be accountable.
  • Today I will pay it forward.
  • Today I will feel the fear and do it anyway.

Here’s your mini mission

Commit to setting a daily intention for the next 7 days. Spend a couple of minutes in the morning, get quiet and clear, and then declare your intention: Today I will …