Gunk of Low-Energy Living: complaining

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Today we’re going to talk about three common behaviors that block what you want from manifesting. To access this episode, join LYL Premium.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • Three energies of disallowing
  • A possible explanation for why you’re not letting in what you want
  • How to know if you’re in resistance mode or receiving mode
  • What I will attract when I offer a vibration of complaint
  • Ways to recognize the low-vibe energy of justifying
  • Abraham’s advice about what to never do
  • What happens the very second you choose a loving thought 


Complaining about anything holds you in the place of refusing to receive the things you’ve been asking for. Justifying about anything holds you in the place of refusing to let in the very things that you’ve been asking for. Blaming someone holds you in the place of refusing to let in the things that you’ve been asking for. Feeling guilty, feeling angry, it doesn’t matter what you call it; it is a refusal, not a conscious one. You’re asking; you can’t help but ask. The Universe is yielding; it must yield. It’s a big question, folks: why aren’t you letting it in?” —Abraham


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