Start, Stop & Change: resistance

Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction.

Today we’re going to talk about a vibrational pattern of going from resistance to rest to resistance that disallows what you want.

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This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • Common forms of resistance you may be inadvertently introducing into your vibration
  • Why rest alone is not the antidote to resistance
  • The reason trying harder only makes the resistance more
  • What eagerness, passion, alignment, and clarity have to do with getting the energy moving within you
  • Why resistant thoughts are so tiring
  • Examples of resistant thought that are signaled by the word “but”.
  • What relaxation has to do with your true power


“In your resistance you get tired, and so, you need rest. And so, you go from resistance to rest to resistance to rest. But what about rest to eagerness, rest to passion, rest to alignment, rest to clarity, rest to brilliance? You can get this Energy moving within you and when you are up to speed with that Energy, you are clever; you are fun; you are full of vitality; your timing is good! Then you are living life as you intended!” —Abraham


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