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Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction.

Today we’re going to talk about the connection between joy, well-being, and the Law of Attraction.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • How I use a deck of Abraham cards in my alignment practice
  • What Abraham means by the basis of your life is freedom
  • Whether you’re living a definition of success that just doesn’t work
  • What to do if you’re stressed out trying to make things happen
  • The radio tuner analogy that will help you understand what you’re a vibrational match to
  • What to do if you’re settling for less than feeling good
  • The tremendous relief I felt when I realized I would never get it all done
  • Why joy deserves a bigger role in your life than just weekends and vacations


“My purpose in life is joy. The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy. You are free to choose new avenues for you…and in your joyous growth, you will add to the experience of All-That-Is.” —The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“The measure of my success is my joy. The amount of joy you have allowed yourself to experience is the greatest indicator of your allowance of Energy and success. Whenever you are feeling good, you are an enormous (successful) contributor.” —The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“First, I seek joy, and all else follows. Since your feeling of joy is your indication of your connection with your Source, once you have achieved joy, you have achieved connection with your Source. And under those circumstances, all that is good follows.” —The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“I choose my unique path to joy. No one can create in your experience, for no one can control where you direct your thought. On the path to your happiness, you will discover all you want to be, do, or have.” —The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“Through the corridor of my joy is the pathway to my desire. Most say, ‘When I get that, I will be joyful.’ But you must be joyful first—you must start with the determination that ‘I will not settle for less than feeling good.’” —The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“To allow Well-being, I must be in joy. In the same way you cannot set your radio tuner to 98.6 and receive the songs playing on 101 FM, you must set your own vibrational tuner to one of Well-being. Feelings of love, joy, passion, exhilaration, fun, interest…are indicators of your vibrational match to Well-being.” —The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“What’s my big hurry? (It’s all for joy). All is well. What’s the big hurry? You’re not ever going to get it done, so what are you racing toward? Every single activity that you’re involved in is for one purpose only, and that is to give you a moment of joy. That’s why it all exists. Lighten up. Laugh more. Appreciate more. All is well.” —The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“The main event isn’t the destination; it’s my joyous journey. You did not come forth seeking assignments to complete. You came forth for reasons to flow, and to love and enjoy life. Even though you will return home at the end of any vacation, the idea of your holiday is not to complete it as quickly as possible so that you can check it off of your list. The idea of your vacation—and of this life experience—is to have a joyous experience.” —The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“My happiness is my greatest gift to others. Selfishly seek joy, because your joy is the greatest gift you can give to anyone. Unless you are in your joy, you have nothing to give anyway.” —The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“Know that just one moment of joy is a sign of better things to come.” —Abraham


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