Start, Stop & Change: procrastination

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Today we’re going to talk about a different way to look at procrastination—through the lens of Law of Attraction. To access this episode, join LYL Premium.

Here’s my question: Have you been feeling bad and beating yourself up for procrastinating? Well, this episode might change all that!

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • Why I chuckle that I used to give workshops about combatting procrastination and the 180 I’ve done with regard to this subject
  • What Abraham says procrastination is and is not a sign of
  • How the true definition of procrastination offers so much relief and why I still procrastinate today
  • Three questions you can ask to release resistance around something you don’t want to do so you can ultimately take inspired action
  • What procrastination might have to do with your standard of success
  • Why I want you to stop doing so many things you’re not vibrationally aligned with
  • How to make friends with procrastination and stop seeing it as a flaw or failing


“When you feel enthusiasm to do something it means you’ve lined up the Energy, and you are being inspired to take action from that point of alignment. When you don’t feel like doing it, don’t push yourself, because your effort is not worth it. But, when you line up with the Energy, the feeling of procrastination goes away.” —Abraham


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