Podcast: Law of Attraction

Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction.

Today we’re going to talk about whether Law of Attraction is selfish—and the complete 180 I’ve done. To access this episode, join LYL Premium.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • What happened when I set out to make the case Law of Attraction is NOT selfish. (Spoiler alert: It backfired)
  • An alternative way to think about selfishness—from Abraham, of course
  • 7 questions to see how selfish you are
  • How the lesson we learned as children not to be selfish morphs into something damaging as we grow older
  • How self-sacrifice creates a low vibration that leads to suffering, martyrdom, and resentment
  • Why you need to be selfish if you want to be an uplifter
  • 5 ways YOU can be more selfish


“You cannot be a pleaser of others and a maintainer of your alignment at the same time. They don’t go together.” —Abraham


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