Law of Attraction: like attracts like

You’ve seen a magnet at work. Such a seemingly ordinary bit of iron.

In fact, you probably have at least one clinging to your refrigerator right now.

But that ordinary thing is really quite something when you think about it.

It’s able to hold that family calendar or funny photo to your refrigerator because its very atoms are arranged to exhibit properties of magnetism.

Meaning—attract other iron-containing objects.

Well, consider yourself a piece of iron. Because you’re magnetic too.

And since like attracts like, you’re attracting what you send out. This is happening right now.

Now, this is really good news and really bad news.

  • The really good news is: Like attracts like. Which means you influence what comes into your life.
  • The really bad news is: Like attracts like. Which means you’d better be intentional about what you want to attract and what you want to repel.

Like attracts like: What are you attracting?

Are you nice to the waitress and store clerk?
How you treat people matters.
Like attracts like.

Is your glass half full?
Your outlook matters.
Like attracts like.

Do you focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t?
The thoughts you think matter.
Like attracts like.

Are your words kind and encouraging?
The things you say matter.
Like attracts like.

Do you try and fail and learn and go on?
The actions you take matter.
Like attracts like.

Do you mope around, acting as if life’s happening to you?
Your energy matters.
Like attracts like.

We’re all magnets. Be intentional about what you attract into your life—and what you repel. What are you attracting today?