Problems vs. Solutions: lesson learned

What’s the golden nugget?

I love this question because it can be applied anywhere, anytime. I dare you to find a situation or struggle, a success or setback where asking this question won’t produce a gem.

Lesson learned

I define a golden nugget as the most important lesson, but everyone has their own definition.

I’ve heard it called key takeaway, lesson learned, words of wisdom, food for thought, something to chew on, caution light, piece of advice, word to the wise…

Whatever you call it, it’s worth asking What’s the golden nugget? frequently and courageously.

Piece of gold

A literal gold nugget is the piece of gold produced through mining and extraction. So it makes sense that asking this question is a way of mining (aka discovering) and extracting something useful we can build on.

It’s like money in the bank when you build up your reserve of lessons learned. Because experience isn’t just what happens to us—it’s the meaning we extract, the lessons we learn, and the insight we gain from what happens to us.

Find time today to ask, “What’s the golden nugget?” Use this question daily to ensure your Bank of Experience is rich with gems.