Abundance & Well-Being: less is more

Many women are trying to subtract things from their lives.

…eat less

…spend less

…get rid of clutter

…be less stressed

Less is more

There’s a movement underway to get back to the basics.

To move away from possession-cluttered, debt-overloaded, work-burdened, and time-starved lives.

To make lifestyle choices that minimize the “more is better” mindset—and maximize simplicity for more time, balance, and satisfaction.

On the one hand, I’m all for less is more.

On the other hand, sometimes it makes more sense to focus on adding to your life rather than subtracting.

Adding versus subtracting

Rather than trying to…

  • Eat less and lose weight, how about focusing on eating more healthful, whole foods?
  • Spend less money on things, how about focusing more on free or low-cost experiences?
  • Get rid of clutter, how about focusing on creating more space in your life?
  • Be less stressed, how about focusing on having more fun?

Additions and subtractions truly are two sides of the same coin. Which means you can often get to the same desired result either route you take—by subtracting or by adding.

But sometimes adding is the easier, gentler, more sustainable way.

Where could you shift your focus from subtracting to an emphasis on adding?