The other day a client and I were talking about makeup. Now at first that might sound very off-topic for an LoA-themed coaching call, but it was actually exactly on point. We were talking about how practices and routines have changed during the recent months of sheltering in place. And one of those practices was about wearing makeup.

There are days my client doesn’t put on makeup and yet thinks she should. She thinks that she would feel better, more confident, more energized, more engaged in her day. And so her thoughts and her actions are not aligned.

So my client was talking about days she doesn’t put on makeup and days she does—and here’s the important part—how she feels as she takes each of those actions.

Which brings me to what I want to talk about: It’s not the action or the inaction. It’s how you feel about it.

I’m going to stay with the makeup example. As always, keep in mind the specifics are not the point. So if you are a daily makeup wearer or you never wear makeup, no matter. The point I’m making will still apply in hundreds of areas of your life.

Before the global pandemic and sheltering in place, I was a wear-makeup-nearly-every-day sort of person. I just always felt more ready for the day wearing makeup.

Then Covid came along and sheltering in place. And now I only occasionally wear makeup.

Here’s where things stand: There are days I wear makeup and feel really good about it. And there are days I don’t wear makeup and feel really good about it.

My point is it’s never the action you take or the inaction that really matters. Wear makeup, don’t wear makeup. It’s how you feel about the action or inaction that matters.

And where does how you feel come from? Well, it comes from the thoughts you think about the action or inaction.

So when I put on makeup and think, I love the way this powder brush feels and it’s so fun to experiment with this blush, I feel really good. I’m in alignment with the action of wearing makeup.

And when I don’t wear makeup and make that mean with my thoughts, This is so liberating to be make-up free and my skin feels so good without anything on it and boy does it save a lot of time…well, then I’m also in alignment with the action of not wearing makeup.

You see what’s happening there?

With my thoughts I am making the action and its opposite feel very good to me.

This very simple example illustrates it’s never the action or action that really matters.

It is always the thoughts you are thinking about the action or the inaction. It’s what you are making the circumstance mean.

You can take an action and feel good about it. You can take the very same action and feel bad about it. Your thoughts are the difference. Not the action.

This is Law of Attraction 101, and yet many of us continue to bump up against this core principle with thoughts like, I don’t want to do X, but I should. I’m not going to do Y, but I feel bad about not doing it.

And so so we take action that is misaligned or we don’t take action—and that is misaligned.

A great deal of this misalignment comes from should’ing yourself, which is really bad for your vibration.

Should’ing yourself introduces a lot of friction in the vibration you offer to which Law of Attraction responds.

Here’s what’s really important: If you are going to do something—as in, if you are going to take some action—get in alignment with it. That’s the key! And, of course, if you are not going to take action, then get in alignment with that.

Know this: You can get in alignment with whatever action or inaction it is.

Doing your taxes. Not volunteering to help on the committee. Setting a boundary. Firing a client. Mopping the floor. Saying no to being a bridesmaid. Interviewing for a job.

You can get in alignment with any and all of those actions or inactions by directing your thoughts, by managing your mind. By what you make it mean.

And I want you to see how the same is true even for actions and their very opposite. You can get in alignment with…

  • Not going to the party or going to the party.
  • Wearing makeup or not wearing makeup.
  • Being on the dating apps or not being on the dating apps.
  • Staying married or getting a divorce.
  • Eating the chocolate cake or not eating the chocolate cake.

You can be in alignment with either of those choices in each pairing. Let’s see how this works.

Let’s say you eat the chocolate cake and think: I’m enjoying every single bite of this and so appreciating the deliciousness of the experience. That’s alignment.

Let’s say you choose not to eat the chocolate cake and think: I’m so proud of myself for sticking to my decision not to have desserts this week. That’s alignment.

Once again, it’s not the action or inaction that matters. It’s your thoughts that allow you to be aligned with whatever you choose to do.

Now, of course, you can be out of alignment with either of those actions as well. In other words, you can be misaligned with either of the choices—again, because of the thoughts you are thinking, because of what you make the action mean.

For instance:

  • You can eat the chocolate cake and think, I have no willpower and feel disappointed in yourself. That is misalignment.
  • You can not eat the chocolate cake and think you, I’m so deprived and feel sorry for yourself. That is also misalignment.

Eat the cake, don’t eat the cake. Get in alignment with your choice. When you do this, you will uplevel your Law of Attraction practice.

“Your true power does not come from your physical action, but from your vibrational alignment.” —Abraham

When you realize the power of aligning your thoughts in a way that feels good to you—no matter what the circumstance, no matter what the activity, no matter what the action or inaction, you will step into your power as a deliberate creator.

Wearing yoga pants even when I’m not doing yoga? Not exactly life-changing one way or the other, right? And wearing makeup or not wearing makeup? Who cares.

But these seemingly inconsequential actions actually are quite important. Well, not the actions themselves, but the thoughts we think about them.

Because many of us are taking little actions all day long that we are not aligning with. We are taking the action and because of our thoughts about that action, we are experiencing negative emotion. We are misaligned with the action we are taking—or the action we are not taking.

If you want to leverage Law of Attraction, meaning use LoA to your advantage, then you don’t want your day filled with seemingly inconsequential actions that you are not aligned with.

I actually do practice yoga nearly every day, but…I’ve often been wearing yoga pants all day long, not just when I am doing a downward dog. Why am I mentioning this? Because this is one small example of where I align my thoughts with the actions I’m taking.

I have a friend who says she’s “letting herself go” or “not making an effort” if she wears yoga pants off the mat. And so she doesn’t wear yoga pants when she’s not doing yoga. She aligns thought and action.

On the other hand, if she were to wear yoga pants off the mat, she would feel some flavor of negative emotion because her thoughts about what that means—letting herself go—would not feel good to her.

This is not about me advocating you wear yoga pants or go without makeup. Or vice versa.

It’s me encouraging you to align your thoughts with your actions. And to do this throughout your day, every day. Rinse and repeat.

Do it for the “small” things and do it for the “big” things. Because all these instances of alignment or misalignment add up to something significant when it comes to your point of attraction.

“When you find alignment, the conditions will not matter.” —Abraham

I’ll stay on these same two subjects—yoga pants and makeup—again, asking you to keep in mind these are simply examples to illustrate a tenet of Law of Attraction.

  • If I “dress up” each and every day of the coming week, even though I’m not leaving our apartment, I will be in alignment with that action. My thoughts will allow me to take pleasure in and appreciate what I’m wearing.
  • And if I wear yoga pants all day long for the coming week—even when I’m not doing yoga—I will be in alignment with that action. My thoughts will allow me to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of what I’m wearing.

See how that works? Either action is absolutely OK so long as I align my thoughts. And I can align my thoughts with either action.

“You’re never in the wrong place. But sometimes you’re in the right place looking at things in the wrong way.” —Abraham

When your thoughts cause you to feel negative emotion about the action you are taking, that’s misalignment. That’s being in the right place looking at things the wrong way.

If you do this once a day, perhaps it is no big deal. But what if you are doing it many times a day? What if you are misaligned with many of the actions you are taking or not taking?

I think many of us could use a little nudge on this one. We could use a little wake-up call. We are way too used to taking action we don’t really feel all that good about.

Because we “should”. Because we “have to”. Because what will others think if we don’t. Because others want us to. Because it’s what others are doing.

It’s really this simple: Taking action you are misaligned with compromises your point of attraction.

“As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in alignment with Who You Really Are.” —Abraham

This is what you are looking for—to think thoughts that feel good to you. Start noticing what actions you are taking that you don’t feel good about.

When you notice yourself doing this, you really only have two choices: Don’t take the action—and get in alignment with that—or change your thoughts to be in alignment with taking the action.

There’s no need to overcomplicate these two choices. Alignment is available—and it does not come from action or inaction. Alignment always comes from your thoughts.

And so I will sign off as I sit here with no makeup while wearing yoga pants. And feeling positively giddy and in alignment with both!