Law of Attraction: checklist

Awhile back I created a bonus episode of Love Your Life called Five things on my Law of Attraction checklist. Here are the five things:

  • Is feeling good your #1 priority?
  • Are you telling a good-feeling story?
  • When you feel negative emotion, do you reach for better-feeling thoughts?
  • Are you appreciating?
  • Are you enjoying the journey?

Today I want to share real-life examples of my LoA checklist in action. Because while a checklist can be useful for clarity, it’s putting the list into action that makes a difference when it comes to manifesting. That’s where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

Now, when I say checklist, at one time I really did have these written down. Today, after practicing these five things on a daily basis, I don’t really need a physical list. But if it would help you, at least in the beginning, by all means I encourage you to write these down and create a handy checklist for yourself.

Let’s dive in! I’m going to shine a light on three of those items on my checklist, and share a story about how each one showed up in real life.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, these aren’t in any particular order. Meaning #1 is not more important for manifesting than #5. All five guidelines reflect core LoA skills.

#1 on my LoA checklist: Feeling good is my #1 priority.

Before Law of Attraction it was easy for me to forget to feel good, which sounds funny now when I say it. Two things were going on back then.

First, I relied largely on circumstances to feel good.

  • If things were the way I wanted them to be, I felt good.
  • If things were not the way I wanted them to be, I felt bad.

Because of this, needless to say, feeling good was a bit of a crapshoot depending on external circumstances lining up the way I wanted.

Second, back then I simply didn’t make feeling good a priority. Sure, I suppose I wanted to feel good, but I put a lot of things higher on the list, such as getting things done and pleasing others.

Today all that is very different because feeling good is my #1 priority. I mean that literally, not as a nice-sounding slogan that has nothing to do with real life.

The most important thing to me at any given moment and on any given day is to feel good. Here’s why this is my #1 priority: First and foremost, because it feels good to feel good! And because I know Law of Attraction is always responding to the vibration I’m offering.

If I’m offering a low vibration, that attracts low vibe conditions and circumstances, low vibe people and events, low vibe situations and things. Feeling good, on the other hand, is matching me with a high vibe life experience, which, of course, is what we all prefer.

So here’s how this one from my checklist showed up in real life.

The other day I had plans to record a couple episodes of this show. I was really excited to share the content I’d outlined. With Hans and I both working from home these days, I had a lovely window of quiet because he was out for a bike ride.

So the episodes were ready to record. I had the apartment to myself, which would be nice and quiet. My mic, headphones, and laptop were all set up to go. I had a piping hot coffee fixed just the way I like it.

It was all green lights and go time. And then.…when I sat down to begin…I didn’t feel like it. There’s no big story behind what was going on. I simply didn’t feel like it.

If feeling good is my #1 priority, and it is, then recording those episodes was a no-go.

That might not sound like a big deal, but the pre-LoA version of me would have recorded anyway.

The old version of me would have pushed through. The old version of me would have been all about practicality and efficiency: Hans is out and now is the time that makes sense to record.

I would have stuck to whatever my planner said designating do this on this day. Who cares how you feel? You wrote it down last week to do today, so just do it.

I would have forced myself into taking action that wasn’t aligned. Heck, back then I really didn’t even know what aligned action was!

All that is to say I was not guided in that moment by practicality or previously made plans. I wasn’t guided by being efficient or getting things done. Nope. I was simply guided by #1 on my LoA checklist: Feeling good is my #1 priority.

In case you’re curious, feeling good that morning turned out to be knitting on a pair of wool socks, enjoying that piping hot coffee, and listening to a Big Band orchestra from the 40’s.

And, also, in case you’re curious, the podcast episodes did, indeed, get recorded a few days later when doing so was the absolute inspired action and fun from start to finish.

Moving on to #3 on my LoA checklist: When I feel negative emotion, reach for better-feeling thoughts.

I absolutely live and breathe this one! Seriously, reaching for better-feeling thoughts is something I do daily.

Now, why is that?

My life is pretty fantastic. My list of positive aspects and what I appreciate about my life is exceedingly long. So why would I be reaching for better-feeling thoughts on a daily basis?

Because that is what is attracting the fantastic life I experience. Reaching for the relief of better-feeling thoughts so I can feel good makes me a magnet for the good that I attract.

Here’s the thing: I am simply not willing to indulge in thoughts that cause me to feel bad.

When a thought pops into my head seemingly out of nowhere that causes negative emotion, I reach for the relief of a better-feeling thought. And when something happens that is unwanted, I reach for the relief of better-feeling thoughts.

Remember: Feeling good is my #1 priority. Well, one of the ways I get there is thanks to #3 on my LoA checklist: When I feel negative emotion, I reach for better-feeling thoughts.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m always successful. I am not high vibe 100% of the time. But my intention is to be happy. And I know the pathway to that feeling is by managing my mind, by choosing thoughts that feel better, by thinking thoughts that feel good.

It’s kind of weird to say this one is even on a checklist in the sense that it’s so second nature. These days reaching for better-feeling thoughts is something I do on autopilot.

Earlier in my LoA journey, though, that was not the case, and so this did act a bit more like a checklist item.

I think that’s the point of a checklist as I’m describing it. A checklist is helpful in actually practicing an LoA technique until it becomes second nature. Until a time when you simply embody the practice rather than need to rely on a reminder to remember to do it.

As I said, I’m doing reaching for better-feeling thoughts every day, and for the most part it’s pretty much on autopilot. My signal, always, is negative emotion. When I feel any flavor of bad, that’s my head’s up.

Here’s an example. The other day negative emotion came in the form of worry.

A family member had received unwanted health news. My initial thought in response to that news caused me to feel worry.

Worry is #14 of 22 on the emotional scale, so definitely not a feel-good emotion.

Worry is also one of those emotions, I think, that if you don’t pay attention and redirect your thinking, you easily can get into a real downward spiral. That’s been my experience anyway with worry.

Negative emotion was my signal to reach for the relief of thoughts that feel better to me.

Now this rarely means one thought and I’m done, I’m feeling good! Usually it’s an iterative process, meaning I reach for a thought, and check in to see how it feels: Any relief? Feel better? Feel worse? Try another thought. Check in. Any relief?

I keep doing that until there is relief. Until I feel better.

In my example about my relative’s unwanted health news, after a dozen or so thoughts, I was able to get to hopefulness, which is #6 on the emotional scale.

By the way, whenever I share the numbers for different emotions, the specific numbers, of course, are not the point. It’s just to say by trying different thoughts, I was able to go from worry to hopefulness. To move from #14 up to #6, so definitely a lift in vibration.

Hopefulness obviously feels way better than worry. And hopefulness is a much improved point of attraction.

Let’s move on to #4 on my LoA checklist: Appreciate.

Before my obsession with all things Law of Attraction I would say I was a grateful person. Back then, though, my appreciation was sometimes rooted more in a routine—like writing things I appreciate in my journal—rather than a consistent way of showing up in the world.

Today, #4 on my checklist is a reminder that appreciation is always the way. Always, all day, every day.

Here’s how this checklist item recently showed up: Our dishwasher stopped working.

I’m not a big fan of doing dishes by hand—it’s not my preference, and we use our dishwasher every single day. Now, I realize a broken dishwasher is a decidedly First World Problem. Nonetheless, the dishwasher not working was unwanted, for sure.

Beyond the dishwasher itself not working, there was what would need to happen in order to resolve the issue—contacting our property manager, setting up a time for maintenance, removing everything under the sink to give access to the plumbing, etc.

The previous version of me would only have looked at the non-working dishwasher as an inconvenience and a problem that needed to be fixed. Truth be told, the old me would very likely have offered a vibration of irritation and annoyance. At the very least there would have been friction in my vibration.

These days, though, by leaning into #4 on my LoA checklist, I focused on appreciation from the outset. Meaning even as I was realizing the dishes aren’t getting clean, and there’s a strange noise, and the dishwasher is not working, I’m asking myself, Are you appreciating?

Now before that makes me sound like Pollyanna—Oh, yay, the dishwasher is broken!—let me be clear. A working dishwasher is wanted; a non-working dishwasher is unwanted.

I simply know appreciation is a feel-good energy that is wonderful to experience, and is also great for manifesting with ease. And so I appreciated.

  • I appreciated our friendly property manager answering the phone on seemingly the first ring.
  • I appreciated being able to schedule a maintenance call for exactly the day and time that was convenient for me.
  • I appreciated Erik, the head of maintenance, coming fully prepared to troubleshoot and being in such good hands as he brought all his professional know-how.
  • I appreciated the ease with which he efficiently ruled out various things that could be causing the problem.
  • I appreciated him coming to a quick and confident decision that no fix was actually possible, and the solution would be a new dishwasher.
  • I appreciated our stellar property manager approving the purchase and getting an order placed.
  • And I appreciated the easy installation of a brand new dishwasher two days later!

That’s right! The energy of appreciation manifested the brand new dishwasher, installed and working, a short two days later. That is the magical energy of appreciation at work!

Use my LoA checklist! Add to it or create one of your own!

The point, of course, is to remember to practice what you know about Law of Attraction.

That’s where a checklist can be really helpful. Something truly magical happens when you shift from simply knowing things about LoA to actually embodying them.

Let’s recap my checklist:

  • Is feeling good your #1 priority?
  • Are you telling a good-feeling story?
  • When you feel negative emotion, do you reach for better-feeling thoughts?
  • Are you appreciating?
  • Are you enjoying the journey?