Love, Joy & High-Vibe Living: Finding Muchness

I recently received an unexpected package in the mail. Not knowing what it was and the anticipation as I opened it was already high vibe, and then…what was waiting inside the wrapping was absolutely delightful!

My friend, Laurie, had sent me a little book called Finding Muchness: How to Add More Life to Life. This book is pure joy.

The illustrations are absolutely endearing. I dare you to look at this book without smiling. I really don’t think it’s possible.

As I read one page and then the next, I was astounded by what I was reading. While the term “Law of Attraction” is never mentioned, this is an LoA book.

As a funny aside, a few days after receiving the gift from Laurie, Hans and I were visiting my Mom, and I took the book to show her.

My Mom is a former 4th grade school teacher. She captivated us by reading the book aloud, which was such fun! At one point she interrupted her reading to exclaim, This sounds just like something you would say on your podcast!

Even my Mom knows this is a Law of Attraction book!

Again, the title is Finding Muchness, which might have you scratching your head wondering, What is muchness?

Here’s what the author, Kobi Yamada, says:

“Muchness is the full-hearted abundance of hope, joy, and imagination that each of us has when we come into this world. It is there for us to love, to dare, to dream, to create, and to live our best life. But over time, as we take on more responsibilities and worries, our doubts and fears have a way of growing with us. And because of this, we can lose much of our muchness. This little book is about finding it again.” —from Finding Muchness

It’s true: Some of us have moved away from dreaming and daring and the wonder of life.

Can you relate? Have you lost much of your muchness?

If so, let’s find it again!

I want to share eight excepts from the book—both because the sentiments are wonderful in and of themselves, and because I want to connect the dots to Law of Attraction.

“Dream until it’s true. Believing it’s possible is an essential part of making it so.” —from Finding Muchness

Well now, that sounds very LoA, doesn’t it? A core tenant of Law of Attraction is you can only create what your beliefs support.

As Wayne Dyer says: “You’ll see it when you believe it.”

This is opposite of how we often operate. We say:

  • I’ll believe in abundance when I get the raise.
  • I’ll believe in harmony when my partner changes.

But that’s now how Law of Attraction works.

Don’t wait for something to manifest to believe it. Believe now.

Think the thoughts and feel the feelings as if what you want is already here. That’s what will attract it. That’s when you’ll see it.

Believe what you want is possible. Your belief is fuel for manifesting what you want.

To find your muchness, believe it’s possible and dream until it’s true.

“If you want something new, try something new. Create what you wish existed.” —from Finding Muchness

Don’t you love the expansiveness of that?

There are a couple dots to connect to Law of Attraction. The first is about wanting something new and the pathway to that being to try something new.

Often we have a vibrational habit or pattern going on that is not creating anything new in our lives, or specific to a desire we have. If you want something new, try something new.

And I would emphasize trying something new vibrationally by thinking new thoughts rather than trying something new action-wise. Not that there’s anything wrong with action, but don’t forget how essential your thoughts are to creating your reality.

The other dot I would connect to Law of Attraction is that part about create what you wish existed. This kind of piggybacks on the first concept we explored: You believe it and then you see it.

Don’t limit yourself by only looking around at evidence in your own life, in your past, for what is possible. If you’ve never had harmony in your relationships, that’s OK. The fact that you haven’t had that in the past doesn’t have to mean anything about your future.

Create what you wish existed.

If you’ve always lived in a vibration of scarcity and worry about money, you can still create what you wish existed, which is abundance and peace and freedom. Create the abundance and peace and freedom you wish existed.

Here again, offering a new and different vibration is what will create a new reality by attracting new and different conditions and circumstances.

To find your muchness, create what you wish existed.

“Our greatest obstacles are often ourselves. If you think you can’t, you probably won’t. But if you think you can, you most likely will.” —from Finding Muchness

Law of Attraction will make your beliefs “true”—as in your reality—regardless of whether they serve you.

Your thinking about can and can’t is creating. If you think you can’t, that is resistance mode. If you think you can, that is receiving mode.

If you’ve been in your own way when it comes to I can, I can’t, that’s OK. You are where you are. Know this: You can get out of your own way instantly.

Simply choose to think you can. Think this thought into a belief. It will feel good to think you can. And feeling good aligned with this thought will create your reality.

To find your muchness, think you can.

“Worrying uses your imagination to create things you don’t want. And your mind will believe what you feed it. So feed it hope. Feed it love. Feed it truth.” —from Finding Muchness

This is the passage where my Mom stopped and excitedly connected her own dot to my podcast. She was probably thinking of the classic Abraham quote I’ve shared on the show: “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”

When you think thoughts that cause you to feel worry, the vibration you offer is worry, and it is that vibration to which Law of Attraction responds.

If you think thoughts that cause you to feel hopeful, the vibration you offer is hopefulness, and it is that vibration to which Law of Attraction responds.

Anytime you find yourself thinking or saying I’m worried about…blank… It doesn’t matter what the blank is that you are worried about. It could be you are worried about your kids or your finances or your job. Whatever you fill in the worry blank with is not important.

What is important is you are offering the vibration of worry. When you say or think the word “worry”, that is your warning bell. It is a clear sign you are using your imagination, your mind, to focus on something unwanted that causes you to feel negative emotion.

There is no upside when you do this. The vibration of worry takes you further and further away from your muchness.

Your mind will believe what you feed it. So feed it hope.

To find muchness, feed your mind thoughts that feel good.

“Remember to be gentle with yourself. Deep breaths are like little love notes to your body.” —from Finding Muchness

Oh my goodness! If you happen to take a look at the book itself, you will squeal with delight when you see the illustration for this one! Beyond adorable!

Remember to be gentle with yourself.

I don’t think a week goes by that at least one of my coaching clients isn’t beating herself up about something. Perhaps she’s been out of alignment that week, and is now beating herself up for being out of alignment. Which, of course, only adds to the misalignment.

Many of you listening right now are kind to every other living being, but not so kind to yourself.

Law of Attraction does not distinguish. You cannot be loving to everyone around you and not loving to yourself and expect that the latter doesn’t show up in your vibration.

Being gentle with yourself is critical for making Law of Attraction work to your advantage.

There are many women who would find manifesting so much easier if only they were nicer to themselves. That’s all that would need to change to make a big difference in the vibration they offer to which LoA is responding.

To find your muchness, be gentle with yourself.

“Gratitude is the secret to happiness. When you are grateful, you find so much more to be grateful for.” —from Finding Muchness

Law of Attraction 101: Like attracts like. When you focus on what you don’t like and what’s not working, those things seem to multiply. Likewise, when you focus on what you like and appreciate, those things seems to multiply.

Of course, only the latter creates a reality you want.

Whether you call it gratitude or appreciation, this vibration truly is the secret to happiness. When you are focused on what you are grateful for, you start noticing more and more things.

It’s simply the way looking for what you want to see works. If the proverbial glasses you wear focus on things to be grateful for, you will see more and more things you are grateful for.

What a high vibe way to live!

And yet many of us are not discerning about what we look for. Yes, when we get out our gratitude journal each morning and write 10 things we appreciate, we are looking through that lens. But what about the rest of the day?

Many of us are not all that discerning as we move through our day. We are observing everything and not particularly focused toward gratitude. So we notice some of what we like and some of what we don’t. We see things we appreciate and things we complain about.

Here’s what’s cool. Because like attracts like, as you get more and more in the vibration of gratitude, you naturally attract more and more thoughts of gratitude.

And then, the most amazing, nearly magical thing happens. Because the vibration you offer is gratitude—which is the highest vibration there is—you attract circumstances and conditions, people and things, events and situations that are a match to this high vibe frequency.

It’s really this simple, to find your muchness, be grateful.

“Don’t wait for things to be simpler, easier, or better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy now. And know that no matter the time or day, it will always be now.” —from Finding Muchness

I don’t love the Life will always be complicated bit, so let’s take the focus off that for now. I’ll come back to it in a moment.

Let’s talk about this: “Don’t wait for things to be simpler, easier, or better. Learn to be happy now. And know that no matter the time or day, it will always be now.”

This is Law of Attraction. Be happy now. Don’t wait for your desires to manifest to be happy. Don’t wait until you achieve the goal or acquire the shiny penny to be happy. Be happy now.

Being happy now is the answer. And it’s so win-win because you feel good now and feeling good is the manifesting fuel. As Abraham says: “There is great value in being happy, because only from the point of being happy can you attract that which you want.

Let me just loop back to the bit I said I didn’t much care for: Life will always be complicated.

The reason that doesn’t resonate for me is that’s a belief. Do you believe life will always be complicated? If you do, then it will. Law of Attraction will create a reality around you that matches your belief.

Personally, I don’t have this belief. A belief that life is complicated and always will be wouldn’t feel good to me and wouldn’t serve me in terms of the reality I want to create.

Choose the thoughts you think. Choose the thoughts you practice into beliefs. Always be asking yourself, Does this belief serve me? Does this belief create a reality I want to live?

To find your muchness, be happy now.

“Life is a playground. Don’t forget to play.” —from Finding Muchness

Oh my goodness!

Do you hold the belief life is a playground? When is the last time you played? Do you only play when all your work is done and that rarely seems to happen?

I work with some clients who are only now discovering—or re-discovering—a relationship with fun and play. They’ve been all about the business of life, the hustle, the chores, the uber-efficiency of getting things done. As if the point of life is to get things done versus the point of life is to enjoy life.

What would change in your thoughts and feelings and actions if life is, indeed, a playground? What might be possible for you vibrationally if you remembered and allowed yourself to play?

It’s this simple: To find your muchness, play.

If you feel inspired to do so…

…check out Finding Muchness.

Beyond that, the book is full of actions. Dream until it’s true. Be gentle with yourself. Learn to be happy now. Don’t forget to play.

Those are action items.

It’s easy to gloss past those simple instructions. It seems like often we are looking to complicate things.

Maybe we don’t believe it can be so simple. We’re looking for more complex actions to take. But finding muchness—being in a high vibration—really doesn’t need to be complex.

Be gentle with yourself, for instance, is not complicated or beyond-you guidance.

And yet…are you being gentle with yourself? Are you remembering to play? Are you dreaming? Are you being happy now?

Finding muchness is being in the high vibration of excitement and optimism, joy and love, enthusiasm and possibility.

I think we all want to live in that high vibration. If you do, then take the advice and find your muchness.