Alignment, Ease, Energy & Flow: energy challenge

Often I hear someone say they wish they had more time. Maybe you’re someone who says this.

But time isn’t always what people are really looking for.

More than time, I think most of us want more energy to do the things that matter most.

Wishing for extra time

Recently a client said, I wish there were more hours in the day.

I asked what she would do with the extra time. She mentioned a class she wants to take, a hobby she wants to pursue, and spending more time on self-care.

But as the conversation unfolded, she “confessed” to spending at least an hour or two each night in front of the TV or mindlessly surfing the web. I’m so exhausted when I get home from work. I just need to recharge.

But watching TV and tuning out on Facebook aren’t truly recharging her. Because the next night she needs to do it again. Meanwhile, the class, hobby, and self-care are left waiting.

She thinks she needs more time to do things that matter, when really it’s energy she’s missing. Those two hours in front of the TV or computer are the “extra” hours. It’s not time in short supply. It’s energy.

So what’s the answer? How do we make a shift?

The energy equation

It’s a deceptively simple equation: We need to have more in our lives that gives energy than drains.

Of course, having a life that’s 51% energy giving and 49% energy draining isn’t the goal. That’s not nearly good enough.

Ultimately—and even more life-changing—we need to drastically dial down the energy drain from our lives. To as close to zero as possible.

A tall order? Perhaps. But not a pipe dream. Not impossible.

Do a life audit

If you audit your life, earmarking what gives energy versus what drains energy, you’ll have your marching orders.

  1. Do a life audit of people, places, activities, thoughts, and things.
  2. Distinguish between what is energy giving versus energy draining.
  3. Commit to eliminating one energy drain each week while adding in one energy giver.

Do this energy swap for a few weeks and you’ll start to experience the real payoff: The more energy you have, the more present you are in your life, the more fully you show up, and the more you focus on what matters most.

That is when the real adventure begins.

Oh, and you might even feel like you have more time!

Will you take the energy challenge? What one energy drain will you eliminate this week? What energy giver will you add?