Alignment, Ease, Energy & Flow: To Do list

Are your To Do list and calendar filled with tasks and commitments and obligations that you feel low energy about? Stuff weighing you down and draining your energy. 

Imagine you’re looking at your To Do list and your appointment calendar right now. What do you feel? What emotions come up for you?

Perhaps friction, dread, dislike. Maybe worry, overwhelm… Yeah, those. Those middle of the emotional scale emotions. 

Well, guess what? 

With Law of Attraction like attracts like. So what do you think happens?

You just attract more of the same. 

More overwhelm. More busy. More overscheduled. More feeling like you can’t keep up. More stuff you don’t really enjoy doing.

Your feelings are your point of attraction. 

“Think of yourself as a human magnet, constantly attracting what you speak, think and feel.” —Abraham

When you’re feeling bogged down and stressed, you perpetuate what you have now: More to juggle and be stressed about.

Effort is not your friend. Effort is what you do when you don’t believe. Trying is your indication that you’re not going with the flow.” —Abraham

This is such a counter-culture idea because we applaud busyness and efforting. Many of us are walking around being martyrs because we’re trying to do it all, hustling so hard. But of course we’re also exhausted and secretly resentful.

You work so hard. You try to use your effort and your action and your hours and your hard work and your stamina and your grit and your determination to cover up energy that’s misaligned. Cut it out. Focus upon the energy first.” —Abraham

So, that’s the first reason to get rid of half of what’s on your plate—it’s just attracting more of what you don’t want.

But there’s another reason to get rid of half of what’s on your To Do list.

When you are over busy, over scheduled, over committed, and over doing, there’s no margin in your life, no space, no room to breathe. And nothing can flow to you. Nothing can get in.

You’re full up. Now, you’re not full up with high-vibe stuff, but you’re full up. 

  • When your life is so jam-packed, how can anything get in? How can life surprise you? Where’s there an opening for serendipity?
  • When your life is so jam-packed, you prevent the Universe from conspiring with you—for what you want or even better.

And here’s the thing: You are very likely taking massive action or forced action to try to get what you want, to make what you want happen. That’s part of how and why your To Do list got so long in the first place.

“Keep your focus on how you want to feel and let the Universe fill in the details. —Abraham

Most of us are not doing that. We are all about micromanaging the details and have thrown how we feel out the window.

A love-hate relationship with all that’s on your plate.

Before my obsession with Law of Attraction, I liked that feeling of marking things off my To Do list, handling a lot, putting so much of my focus on being organized, getting things done, massive action, multiple To Do lists.

My ego liked all of that. Maybe yours does too.

Abraham talks about Esther one day saying she didn’t have time to take a walk or meditate because of her long To Do list. This is the list I’m using to justify my existence today.”

I can relate. Often that’s what we’re doing with all our To Dos—justifying our existence. 

  • If I’m productive, I’m worthy. 
  • If I get a lot done, it was a good day. 
  • If I have a lot to do, I’m important. 

I hated the low-energy feelings associated with trying to juggle so much, but my ego was hooked on this efforting approach to life.

And by Law of Attraction, I just kept attracting more of the same. Just more to juggle.

Now, it’s one thing if your life is full up right now with joy and love, happiness and excitement. If that describes you, then keep on doing what you’re doing! Your To Do list sounds just fine. 

But that’s not what I hear from many women. 

No, more often I hear about busyness and exhaustion, about too much on her plate, can’t say no, being a master juggler with all the errands and tasks and To Dos and appointments. Waiting for someday—some magical someday—when it will slow down.

Well, I’m suggesting the magical slow down you’re looking for is actually to stop doing half of what you’re doing. 

Now, this doesn’t mean your kids won’t be fed or you won’t pay your bills. That’s not what I’m talking about.

But that magic can’t happen when you’re too busy to hear your own intuition, too overbooked to allow anything magical into your life. 

We need margin.

You know how in a book there’s margin between lines of text and around the edges of each page? There’s empty white space.

And if the margin weren’t there and the words were all crammed together and went right up to the edge of the page, it would be so stressful to try to read the book. You’d feel boxed in, overwhelmed, distracted.

It would not make for a good experience. In fact, the lack of margin would make the experience of reading totally unpleasant.

Well, it’s the same way with our lives. We need margin. We need space in our days. We need room to breathe, to think, to be. We need to allow the Universe space to flow to us. 

When you eliminate half of what’s on your plate, you slow down enough and get quiet enough so you can actually hear yourself, hear your intuition. You allow for the magic of the Universe.

And then do you know what happens? 

You still take action, but now it’s inspired action. The action of ease. The action of flow. The action of joy.

The Universe works with you, alongside you. Doors open. Opportunities appear. There’s an overall ease and flow. When you’re in sync with the Universe, it’s the path of least resistance. 

Rest seems like a nice contrast to overwhelment, but enthusiasm is always chosen over rest. The only thing that ever makes you tired or bogs you down is resistance.” —Abraham

And that’s what an overflowing, overwhelming To Do list is—resistance. 

Resistance is…

  • looking at your appointment book and feeling your heart sink with what you have in store for you. 
  • overdoing and efforting your way through life.
  • being too busy and exhausted to listen to your intuition, to recognize what the Universe wants to flow to you.

So you might think you just need a break, a rest, a vacation. But I agree with Abraham. What we all need is to feel enthusiasm—enthusiasm for our lives and what’s on our plates. That is truly joyful living.

Now some of you may be thinking, “But..

But I have kids. But I work full-time. But I have aging parents. But I travel for work.

You have have a “but” for keeping your plate full. You have your reason. And whatever your “but” is, it makes a lot of sense to you. 

Let’s bring this back to Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. You create your own reality. 

So if you believe having kids or working full-time means there is absolutely no wiggle room as far as what you HAVE TO DO, then that IS your reality. You’re absolutely right.

And you will continue to have exactly what you have now. It’s simply the way it works. 

But here’s the thing: Someone with your exact circumstances could choose to believe otherwise. Could choose to think, “Even with young kids and a full-time job, it’s possible for me to start saying no and free up some space in my life.” 

“When you believe something is hard, the Universe demonstrates the difficulty. When you believe something is easy, the Universe demonstrates the ease.” —Abraham

You have to change your belief—change your thoughts if you want to change your circumstances. You have to change how you feel—your point of attraction if you want to change your circumstances. 

I want you to create space in your life for the Universe to flow to you. 

If your life is too full up with obligations, To Dos, commitments, calendar appointments, and busyness, there’s no space for flow. Nothing new can get in.

  • High-vibe. Take a look at your To Do list and calendar. Put a checkmark next to anything that is high-vibe for you—meaning it feels really good. You enjoy the activity or you’re excited about the endeavor. You feel empowered doing X or you’re really appreciative of Y.
  • What’s left. Then look at what’s left on your To Do list and calendar. Because I’m guessing there are things NOT checked. Which brings me to the next step. 
  • Stop, let go, say no. What will you stop, let go of, say no to so you can breathe and enjoy your life? So you can raise your vibration. So you can create space for the Universe to flow to you. What will you stop, let go of, say no to so you can truly be present in your life instead of always on to the next thing?

“I wasn’t really there.”

This makes me think of a story a client shared recently. She had planned a fairly elaborate vacation for her extended family because she wanted to make family memories. That sound beautiful, right? 

So, it was time for the vacation. Well, she was so focused on the itinerary and doing the next thing and the next thing and staying on track that she wasn’t really present at all. The vacation kind of became a To Do list. 

So, there are family memories in photos from that vacation, but she admits: I wasn’t really there. I wasn’t really present.”

And that’s what a To Do list and an agenda and too much on your plate can do. It can have you marking things off a list, but not really enjoying and living your life. 

“Be easy about your life and allow good things to flow naturally to you.” —Abraham

Again, there’s no flow if there’s no space in your life. 

Remember: The point is joy. 

You’re meant to enjoy your life. The measure of your success is joy.

“The evidence of success is joy. Period!” —Abraham

So when you cull half of what’s on your plate:

  • You’re making room for joy. You enjoy your life more. You’re happier. You’re living in a higher-vibe emotional state. You’re feeling all those juicy emotions at the high end of the emotional scale.
  • And what happens? The Universe conspires with you. You attract more high-vibe people, circumstances and things into your life. There’s actually space for something great to flow to you. You’ll actually notice the opportunity, the opening and take inspired action, action in joy, because you’re not too busy and bogged down.

“Thinking isn’t doing nothing! Flowing energy isn’t doing nothing! That is what worlds are made from! There isn’t anything that you could do or be or participate within that is more emphatic than the flowing of energy.” —Abraham

What if you took half of what’s on your plate off? And then allowed the Universe to flow something amazing to you. Just think about that.