How to Think Better: creativity

I’m just not creative. 
My job isn’t creative.
I’m not one of those creative types.
I don’t make anything, so I’m not really creative.

Creative is not just painting a picture or developing a product. It’s not only being a photographer or writer.

Creativity isn’t for some special group of people—a group to which you don’t belong. We are all creative beings.

There is creativity to be had in how we approach everyday life. How we lead. How we love. How we learn.

Creativity is available to all of us.

  • The experimental way we change a habit.
  • The original way we show up in the world.
  • The innovative way we solve everyday problems.
  • The expressive way we get our needs met.
  • The inspired way we move through fear.
  • The imaginative way we celebrate.
  • The enterprising way we respond to change.
  • The resourceful way we make decisions.

Our mindsets become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think of yourself as not being creative, you cut yourself off from imagination and innovation, from originality and inspiration.

Embrace your creative self. You are enterprising and resourceful. Experiment. Express.