Problems vs. Solutions: quick fix

Are you about the quick fix? Do you tend to put band-aids on what’s not working in your life?

Instead of getting to the root of a problem and addressing the cause, do you turn to a temporary “remedy” or quick fix? A band-aid that inevitably fails to be a long-term solution.

It happens to all of us.

  • You’re living beyond your means and credit card debt has piled up. The band-aid is simply trying to pay off the debt, while the true fix puts practices in place that enable you to live within your means.
  • You wake up with dread each morning feeling stuck in a job you hate.  The band-aid is simply to go out and get a new job, while the real remedy is to explore and figure out what career path would truly lead to satisfaction and fulfillment.

Enough with the “sort of” solutions

The band-aid covers up the problem…sort of. And perhaps it dulls the ache of the problem…sort of.

But sometimes you need to move beyond the makeshift, temporary solution. You need to face the deeper problem, refuse a pseudo remedy, and start working on a real and lasting solution.

What band-aids in your life need to be exchanged for cures instead of quick fixes?