Start, Stop & Change: action

It’s much easier to linger in awareness
Than get into action

Awareness is easy
It almost seems to happen to us

The light bulb goes on
And we can see
With new eyes

If we’re open and curious
The Aha! moment comes
There is no heavy lifting

We ease into awareness
It almost seems to meet us halfway

Action is something quite different

Action doesn’t just happen
It doesn’t meet us, halfway or otherwise

We have to put the book down
Get off the couch
Lace up our sneakers
Pick up the phone
Have the conversation
Reach out, let go

Action takes us out of our comfort zone
It stretches, it stresses
Action requires we choose to make an effort
And then do it

Awareness gets us started
But leaves some essential part of us
Largely the same

It’s action that actually changes us
Shaping us into who we want to be
Taking us where we want to go