Start, Stop & Change: thirsty

Think about something you’ve been wanting to manifest. Maybe a goal you’ve been wanting to achieve, a shiny penny you’ve been wanting to acquire, or perhaps an experience you’ve been wanting to have.

Get that goal, shiny penny, experience clearly in your mind. And then let me ask you: Are you thirsty for what you want?

I first heard this term a couple years ago in relation to manifesting. Right away it helped me understand something that had been getting in the way of my ability to manifest. Maybe it’s been getting in your way, too.

Think about when you are physically thirsty. You need a glass of water. You are parched. You’re longing for a drink. You are so thirsty.

We’ve all had that experience, right?

Where you are just absolutely parched and in need of a big tall glass of cool water. You are very aware of your thirst. Maybe it’s all you can think about. You need your thirst quenched.

When you’re thirsty, you need that drink of water.

Well, the same can sometimes be said for what we desire.

We are thirsty for what we want. We feel in need of what we want. Maybe we’re even feeling desperate to manifest what we want.

This is I want you to know: When you are thirsty for your desire, you are not a vibrational match to what you want to manifest.

Let me say that another way, because it’s really the crux of the matter: When you are longing, craving, needing, yearning for what you want, you are not offering a vibration that allows what you want to manifest.

You are not in receiving mode. Your vibration does not match up to what you want.

That’s because the vibration of thirstiness for your desire and receiving your desire are two different vibrations.

“You cannot receive vibrationally something that you are not a vibrational match to.” —Abraham

There is a vibrational difference between desire and desperation, between wanting and needing. Feel the vibrational difference between Wouldn’t it be cool to have that experience! versus I’m not OK if that doesn’t happen for me.

When you’re thirsty for what you want, you are vibrating the lack of what you want, the absence of what you want. You’re simply not offering a vibration that matches up to receiving what you want.

Let’s go back to that glass of water. When you are thirsty and I hand you a tall cool glass of water, you drink it down and you’re no longer thirsty. You are quenched. You’re satisfied.

That’s what you want to be when it comes to desires you want to manifest. You want to feel full up, satisfied, quenched.

For example, whatever emotion you will feel when you get the promotion, the relationship, the new house, whatever you will feel when you launch your business, get the job, publish the book, feel that now. Because if you feel now how you’ll feel when what you want manifests, you aren’t thirsty for it.

Yes, you desire it. But you aren’t thirsty for it. You aren’t parched of the emotion you believe your manifestation will bring.

“Emotion is a manifestation too, because it is a realization of a vibrational state of being.” —Abraham

Now this doesn’t mean you don’t have the desire.

It doesn’t mean you no longer want what you want. It just means you don’t need it in order to feel a certain way. Because you can feel that way now.

When you do feel that way now, you go from thirsty to quenched. Which means you are in receiving mode.

  • When you’re no longer thirsty for what you want, your vibration can line up with what you want.
  • When you’re not thirsty for what you want, you are in receiving mode and can allow what you want to manifest.

“The reason you have not already gotten what you desire is because you are holding yourself in a vibrational holding pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire. That is the only reason—ever.” —Abraham

When you are thirsty for what you want, you are in a vibrational holding pattern that keeps you from manifesting what you want.

This is a reason vision boards sometimes don’t work.

If you create a vision board and looking at it gets you in the good feeling place of what you want to manifest—as if you already have what it is you want—then a vision board is an incredibly powerful tool for manifesting.

But let me describe what often happens instead.

  • You create a vision board and when you look at it feel the absence of what you want to manifest.
  • You look at your vision board and question why what you want hasn’t already manifested.
  • You look at your vision board and feel frustrated it’s taking so long.
  • When you look at your vision board, instead of feeling high vibe, you feel thirsty for what you want.

If any of those sound familiar, then your vision board is not a manifestation tool, and it’s actually getting in the way of what you want manifesting.

A shorthand way to put all that would be if your vision board puts you in receiving mode, two thumbs up. But if looking at your vision board makes you thirsty for what you want, then two thumbs down. And I would toss the vision board.

“It’s not enough to be clear about what you want. You need to be a vibrational match to what you want.” —Abraham

A vision board can help you clarify what you want with its images of a certain lifestyle or the shiny pennies you want to acquire and the experiences you want to have. But it’s only by being a vibrational match to what you desire that actually allows what you want to manifest.

A vision board might be useful to help you get clarity about what you want. But it may not be the right tool for you when it comes getting in receiving mode and being a vibrational match.

When you are longing for, yearning for, hungry for what you want, you are actually blocking what you want.

“You’re not manifesting. You’re creating the environment that allows the manifestation. —Abraham

Thirsty is not an environment that allows manifestation.

  • You don’t create this environment through effort and action.
  • You don’t create this environment by pleading and demanding.
  • You don’t create this environment by obsessing about what you want.

Here’s my question: Are you creating an environment that allows what you want to manifest?

“Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.” —Abraham

What do you do if you realize you are not offering a frequency that matches the reality you want? What if you realize you are thirsty for what you want?

I want to share seven ideas for shifting away from thirsty.

 1. Recognize the feeling is the first manifestation.

“The first manifestation of what you want coming to you is the emotion.” —Abraham

Let that sink in because it’s so critical for really living Law of Attraction.

The first manifestation is the emotion.

If I want a book deal to feel successful, then feeling successful now—even before the book deal—is the first manifestation.

Do you see the problem, then, with postponing how you want to feel until what you want manifests?

You’ll feel happy when…. You’ll feel free when…. You’ll feel appreciated when…. That’s how most of us are living. These future conditions have to be met to feel a certain way. I’ll be happy when X, Y, or Z happens.

But the feeling is the first manifestation. To move away from thirsty, feel now how you want to feel.

  • If you want the promotion to feel empowered, feel empowered now.
  • If you want the relationship to feel loved, feel love now.
  • If you want to quit your job to feel free, feel freedom now.

“The manifestation of the stuff follows precisely the manifestation of the emotion. That’s why we want so much for you to make the manifestation of emotion, not just your main event, the only event that you’re focused upon.” —Abraham

2. Lighten up. Lighten up about what you want.

That doesn’t mean don’t want whatever it is. But lighten the energy around your desire.

Now, I know the question you’re asking is, How? How do I do this? As with all things, it starts with the intention and it involves tapping into your inner knowing.

You might feel resistance around this idea of lightening up. In fact, you might even be annoyed with me for suggesting it. That’s OK.

Just know this: Lightening up immediately lowers your resistance. Lightening up is a pathway, an opening to vibrational alignment with your desire.

Struggle and stress, worry and doubt are not the pathway. Those energetic states will keep you in a holding pattern that blocks what you want manifesting.

Perhaps say to yourself, I am lightening up about what I want. I’m loosening my white knuckle wanting of it. I’m opening my heart and hands to receive.

Lighten up and feel the energy shift!

3. Embrace this: Your Inner Being sees you as whole and complete now, not when you get the thing.

  • You’re not more whole and complete when you get the partner or the promotion.
  • You’re not more whole and complete when you lose weight or buy the house.
  • You’re not more whole and complete when you get the book deal or launch your business.

Wanting to achieve the goal and acquire the shiny penny is fantastic. Want what you want from a sense of wholeness, a place of completeness.

When you come at what you want from a lack of wholeness, from an incompleteness, from an imagined hole in your being, you are at odds with how your Inner Being sees you.

“Your Inner Being would want you to manifest everything that you decide that you want. Your Inner Being would want you to know that you have value and the ability to have or be or do anything. Your Inner Being would want you to fulfill every wish and whim that you could identify.” —Abraham

You are whole and complete. Desire what you want from that energetic state. It will make all the difference in the ease with which you manifest.

4. Shift from getting to receiving.

I want you to consider the distinction between “get” and “receive”.

  • I want to get the new job versus I’m ready to receive the new job.
  • I need to get the raise versus I’m open to receive the raise.
  • I have to get a partner versus I’m receiving my partner.

Get is about need. I need to get. I have to get. Get is thirsty.

I need to get X so I can be OK, so I can feel a certain way, so I can be happy. Do you see the problem with that?

Until you are OK, until you feel that certain way now—before the manifestation, until you are happy, you cannot and will not receive what you want.

Your work is not to get. Your work is to receive.

5. Trust the Universe and its perfect timing.

Many of us give lip service to trusting the Universe, but we actually have a timetable and deadline for receiving what we want.

But then we feel friction because we perceive the Universe is not cooperating with our timelines and deadlines.

Here’s the bottom line: If you feel friction around when and how and where, then you have work to do when it comes to truly trusting the Universe and its timing.

“Everything that you want is coming. Just relax and let the Universe pick the timing and the way. You just trust that it is coming and watch how fast it comes.” —Abraham

When you don’t trust the Universe, you introduce a ton of resistance. A lack of trust means you are actively getting in the way of the Universe being able to co-create with you. Not for nothing, you are definitely choosing a manual rather than a magical way to live.

Imagine how different your life would be if you truly embrace this from Abraham: “The Universe knows the perfect timing for all those things you want and will find through the crack of least resistance the best way to deliver it to you.”

6. Stop asking.

Remember: There are three steps to manifesting: Ask, Believe, Receive. If you are continually asking, over and over, for what you want, you stay stuck in Step 1.

If you’re stuck in Step 1, that means you never progress to the other steps. Which, of course, means what you want can’t and won’t manifest.

Many of us are stuck in Step 1. We think we need to keep asking in order to get what we want. But all that asking is actually preventing what we want from manifesting.

Here’s how that might look:

  • You are always thinking about what you want, but not in a way that feels high vibe. Rather, in a way that focuses on the absence of what you are wanting.
  • You are often talking about what you want, but not in a way that feels high vibe. Instead, in a way that vibrates with doubt and worry it won’t happen or frustration and impatience it hasn’t happened yet.

If you are thirsty for what you want, it’s very likely you are stuck in a loop of asking. You only have to ask once. And you don’t even have to do it with words.

So stop asking. Move on to the next steps, Believe and Receive.

7. Relax to receive.

Relax and enjoy the journey to what you want. Relax and have fun along the way. The moment you relax, your vibration rises.

Dial down the intensity and thirstiness for what you want because that will help you actually get in receiving mode.

“When I have a desire, I’ve got to become a vibrational match to the desire. I can’t be over here aware that I don’t have it. I’ve got to somehow match it, which means I’ve got to be expectant of it.” —Abraham

Expectant means you have an excited feeling that something is about to happen. If you were expectant of your desire, then you would relax. Think about it: If you were truly expectant, knowing the fulfillment of your desire is on its way, you could relax.

So relax. Be expectant. Feel your vibration lift. Enjoy the unfolding of what you want.