Intuition & Inner Knowing: intuition

The only real valuable thing is intuition”. —Albert Einstein

I admit—I had no firsthand experience of this thing called intuition until a few months ago. That’s when I first began writing letters to my intuition when I was stuck, had a problem, or needed advice. It was a one-off letter here or there. Very random.

But what I soon found was this: I was getting answers and had access to wisdom and insight that was simply unavailable without writing to my intuition.

It was uncanny. The insight from my intuition was coming from a whole different place and perspective. It was far wiser and far more perceptive than the logical, rational me.

“Your inner knowing is your only true compass.” —Joy Page

Now, I don’t know exactly how intuition works. And I don’t need to know. In fact, I enjoy the mystery of it. It’s nice to be amazed.

So what began as an ad-hoc letter here or there became something very different when I decided to write a book called My Year of Manifesting Joy.

Here’s what happened

In 2017 I wrote GainControl™: How to say goodbye to the friction & energy drain of an overwhelmed life. The creative process of writing that book was so much fun that I knew I wanted to write another book.

And I knew my second book would have something to do with manifesting joy because I’m all about joy these days.

My Year of Manifesting Joy

When I set out to write My Year of Manifesting Joy, I had a fantastic, light-me-up kind of idea for what the book would be about. I was so psyched about it.

Then a bit of time passed, the idea became fuzzy, and I lost the thread of what I’d originally meant. Which was kind of frustrating… It seemed like my idea had evaporated. So now what?

Well, I decided to ask my intuition what I meant. What was my book about?

And that’s when I realized that WAS the book: My Year of Manifesting Joy: Letters to My Intuition.

A letter a day

I would commit to writing one letter a day to my intuition about whatever was top of mind. Then I would compile the letters and extract the wisdom, the universal truths.

Because even though they are letters to my intuition about questions and situations in my life, our intuition—mine, yours, everyone’s—has universal truths to offer.

That’s what intuition is. It’s universal insight. Its perception on another plane. Second sight. Whatever you want to call it—there is a universal quality to what intuition has to say.

“The truth about life and lie about life is not measured by others but by your intuition, which never lies.” —Santosh Kalwar

I pledged upfront to write these letters from a pure place. My intention when writing would be the present moment, not about a book to come in the future or public reading of the letters.

In the beginning that was kind of scary—to know I’d be writing to my intuition in an honest and uncensored way. But that’s the only way it would work. And since I was more excited than afraid, I committed to the book.

“Built into you is an internal guidance system that shows you the way home. All you need to do is heed the voice.” —Neale Donald Walsch

The universal wisdom of intuition

So I decided for one year I would ask my intuition questions and get really good at hearing my Inner Being, my internal guidance system. I knew wisdom from my Inner Being would not only have a universal component to it—but is also all about joy.

Because here’s the thing: Your intuition is always peaceful and loving, always encouraging and solution-focused. Always vibrating at the frequency of love and joy.

And so in sharpening my ability to ask and listen—and act on intuition’s guidance, I would manifest joy.

75+ letters, 20,000 words and counting

I started writing these daily letters on my birthday in mid-November 2017. Which means I’m 75+ letters into the project.

Sometimes I write a letter to my intuition first thing in the morning. Other times it’s in the afternoon or evening. It doesn’t matter when I write, just that I honor this channel of communication.

“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.” —Ray Bradbury

And to be honest, it’s one of my favorite things I do in a day. It’s definitely part of how I get in alignment. To date, I’ve written over 20,000 words to my intuition.

Now, when I mentioned this to a friend not long ago, she asked why the number of words is important. Why does word count matter?

It doesn’t. Except for me it’s happy evidence of going from no words to and from my intuition to abundant conversations. From zero dialogue to plentiful exchanges. From no communication to consistent, regular communication.

This is remarkable to me. Because I used to think I didn’t have intuition. Seriously. When people talked about intuition or making intuitive decisions, I really didn’t know what they were talking about.

In the past, I’d had glimpses of intuition every now and again. I’d get a sense about something that seemed to bypass my logical brain. But the spark was so brief and quiet. And it would just as easily disappear before I could tune in to what it was saying.

So the fact that today I’m having daily conversations with my intuition is remarkable. Even miraculous.

From dial-up to high-speed

Here’s what I notice in going from no communication with my intuition to daily communication: Having more frequent conversations is like going from dial-up to high-speed internet.

In the beginning, communicating with my intuition was clunky like dial-up. But now, 75+ letters in, it’s fast, it’s clear—the channel is really open. It’s high-speed access to insight and wisdom, to advice and guidance.

Now, you may not be writing a book or feel the need for a daily letter with your intuition, but I can promise you this: Cultivating this channel of communication will change your life.

Is that an overstatement? I don’t think so.

Go ahead and give it a try. Pull out a piece of paper and write a letter to your intuition. Have fun—and tell your intuition I said hello!