Problems vs. Solutions: hating your job

On the one hand, this is about hating your job. In a broader sense, though, it’s really about a natural inclination many of us seem to have to leave a situation that feels bad.

For instance, you hate your job and your solution to that problem is to get a different job that you do like. It seems as if that makes sense as a solution, right? X thing—in this case your job—makes you unhappy, so you quit or leave X thing to get something—a different job—that makes you happy.

While on the surface this seems to make sense and certainly this is how many of us operate, it really doesn’t make sense at all if we look at it through the lens of Law of Attraction.

And here’s why: Your job is a neutral circumstance. How you feel about your job—whether you feel positive emotion or negative emotion or a mix of both—is the result of your thoughts.

Let me say that another way: You hate your job because of the thoughts you are thinking about your job. The problem, then, is not the job itself, but rather your thinking about it.

You may feel a bit resistant to that notion. And I purposely am using the phrase “hate your job” to be kind of extreme. My point is whether you hate your job or you love your job, it is your thoughts creating those feelings.

You may want to offer evidence for why you hate your job, all the valid reasons—the pay is lousy, your boss is crazy, the commute is long, the work is boring. But, again, those aspects of your job—the pay, your boss, the commute, the work itself—all are neutral circumstances.

Law of Attraction 101: Circumstances are neutral.

In my course, Manifest with Ease: Law of Attraction Simplified, I distill what I consider to be the basics of Law of Attraction. There are 28 of these core essentials in all. Well, the very first of these basics, which is so foundational to any practice of LoA is: Circumstances are neutral.

If you blame circumstances for how you feel rather than recognizing it is your thoughts about circumstances causing you to feel good or bad, you are unable to be a truly deliberate creator.

You receive what you give. Another way to say that: You attract what you think and feel. You attract events, situations, people, circumstances, conditions, and things that match up to your vibrational frequency.

If you give hate about your current job, what do you think that attracts for your next job?

  • If you feel upset about your current job—whatever the flavor of upset—unappreciated by your boss, taken advantage of by co-workers, underpaid, overworked, then upset is your point of attraction.
  • If the vibration you offer about your current job is frustration or anger, despair or powerlessness, irritation or blame, that is making you a magnet for more of the same.

Let’s imagine for a moment you leave the job you hate and you get a new job.

The “package”, so to speak, of the new job might seem much more appealing—different boss, shorter commute, better pay. But what often happens is before long you find you are feeling much the same in the new gig as the old gig. The package may be different, but how you feel is not.

That’s because you are giving with your vibration and you are receiving things that match up.

If you get a new job from the energy of hating the old job, then what you attract will ultimately not be what you want.

If you get a new job from the misaligned energy of hate or any other negative emotion, what you attract will be on that same frequency of that negative emotion.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that you have to stay in the job you have now. There is a reason you desire something different, something more, something new. Contrast has caused you to launch a rocket of desire. That desire is a beautiful thing!

Your desire is not the problem. The desire for a new job you love is not the issue.

The issue/opportunity is whether you approach your desire from alignment or misalignment.

Do you make decisions and take action toward your desire from the alignment of positive emotion or from the misalignment of negative emotion?

The situation I’m describing is calling you to look at things differently. To see the true nature of what’s going on.

You are being called to recognize and understand and embrace the idea that circumstances are neutral and your thoughts create your feelings.

Again, this is Law of Attraction 101. If you forget this or reject this or don’t understand this, you will undoubtedly receive a mixed bag of manifestations.

You will feel good when circumstances are “good”, and attract from that energy. But you will also feel bad when circumstances are “bad, and attract from that energy.

Like I said, a mixed bag of manifestations—some of what you want. Some of what you don’t.

To truly embrace the core essential of Law of Attraction that circumstances are neutral and your thoughts cause your feelings means to shift from I hate my job to I am thinking thoughts about my job that cause me to feel negative emotion.

Now, I live in the real world too. So I get that you are much more likely to tell your best friend or your spouse: I hate my job rather than phrase it that other way.

Most of us are really good at blaming circumstances for how we feel.

Blaming circumstances sounds like: He made me feel bad. The news upset me. She hurt my feelings.

I want you to make the distinction and put your thoughts as the cause of how you feel rather than the job, rather than the circumstance.

It’s truly empowering to embrace this LoA concept. Not only because it makes you a more deliberate creator, but because it instantly gives you so much power.

Think about it this way: If it is the job causing you to feel bad then it follows you can’t feel better until the job changes or you quit or you get a different job.

But if your thoughts cause your feelings then you can change your thoughts right this instant and feel better right away. You don’t have to wait for the perfect job to feel good.

You, because you are the thinker of your thoughts, can choose to think thoughts that allow you to feel better about your job right now.

Of course, this is true for any subject, not just your job.

When you are in a situation you do not like, and you are thinking about it in a way that causes you to feel negative emotion, you are not creating what you want. From that vibrational stance, you are not attracting what you want.

That’s why I’m suggesting you get in alignment before you leave the job you hate.

Because when the vibration you offer is hate—or dislike, frustration, irritation, then what you will attract in your next job will be on that same frequency.

I’m not saying you have to absolutely love your job in order to leave it. But I am suggesting you get in alignment before making decisions and taking action.

You always want to make decisions and take action from an aligned state.

Because that really is the only way to attract and create what you want.

Rather than simply leave or quit a situation from a not-feeling-good, misaligned state, I want you to get in alignment first.

Whether it’s a job you don’t like or a marriage that’s not the way you want it to be, the goal here is to embrace that the circumstance is neutral and your thoughts cause your feelings.

I want you to really own the power you have in that perspective. And then begin to think about the situation, whatever it is, in a way that feels better to you, in a way that offers relief. In a way that allows your alignment.

To help you with this, I want to offer a couple suggestions:

First, be intentional about the story you tell.

If you hate your job, are you telling the story to anyone who will listen about how much you hate your job? Are you blaming and complaining? Are you venting about all the things you don’t like?

Or are you telling the story of what you do want? When you talk to your friends, are you telling them how excited you are about what’s next for you job-wise, about what you’re wanting and looking for?

The story you tell is creating. The story you tell is either in the direction of alignment or misalignment.

When you tell the story of your current job in a way that makes you feel bad, makes you feel negative emotion, you are attracting, for sure, but you are not attracting what you want.

Be intentional. What is the best-feeling story you can tell?

Second, be curious about what you are learning.

Through this experience of something you don’t want or don’t like, how do you know yourself better? What are you learning? What do you know now that you didn’t before?

Have no doubt: You are a growth seeking Being and this experience is part of that growth. Your expansion is inevitable.

If you choose to look at the situation through the lens of learning and growth, what new insight do you have?

It’s amazing how often my clients find they shift from misalignment to alignment around a circumstance just by getting really curious about what they are learning.

Somehow this learning lens, this growth lens for looking at a situation eases the negative emotion—at least to some extent. It releases some of the resistance.

Ask yourself: What is this situation teaching me? What is this teaching me about who I am now and what I want now? What am I learning about how I want to feel?

To recap, make decisions and take action from an aligned state.

Leave and quit and change things from an aligned state. Two ways you can move toward alignment are to be intentional about the story you tell and be curious about what you are learning.

“You just can’t look at things that make you unhappy and be happy. You have to look in the direction of what you want. And the more you do it, the easier it is, and the easier it is, the more you do it. Until before you know it you’re offering a vibration where only well-being flows to you.” —Abraham