Love, Joy & High-Vibe Living: feeling good

If you’ve been practicing Law of Attraction for awhile, you may notice you are feeling better than you have in the past. You may notice you are feeling good more of the time.

Whereas before you were used to routinely hanging out in the middle of the emotional scale or even lower, these days you are feeling high vibe more or even much of the time.

This has been my own experience.

Before my obsession with all things Law of Attraction, I thought it was normal to feel stressed. I didn’t bat an eye at feeling frustration, irritation, or impatience. I regularly worried about this, that, or the other.

While I wasn’t routinely feeling at the very low end of the scale, negative emotions in the middle of the scale were pretty familiar to me. It was as if the background of my life was a sort of low-grade friction. I was so used to it, I chalked it up to “that’s just the way it is.”

Today, 4+ years into what I affectionately call my obsession with Law of Attraction, I’m happy to say that where I live on the emotional scale is very different.

How I feel today is very different because I have prioritized feeling good—knowing that how I feel is the vibration to which Law of Attraction responds.

Today my emotional norm has shifted up the scale to regularly experience positive expectation and happiness, appreciation and freedom, empowerment and enthusiasm, love and joy. These days I am regularly at the top of the emotional scale, experiencing a high vibration.

As the saying goes: “The better it gets, the better it gets.” —Abraham

Now this doesn’t mean I never experience negative emotion. Of course I do. What I’m sharing is there has been a significant shift in my emotional set-point over these last few years. I live in a higher vibration much more of the time.

Yes, I can still think thoughts that take me down the scale. Yes, I can still find myself out alignment.

But I want to focus on what happens when you are feeling high vibe much of the time. Then what?

I actually get asked about this frequently. For those who were either already high vibe when they started their LoA journey or those who have elevated their LoA practice and find themselves, like me, feeling really good a lot or even most of the time, what then?

In thinking about this topic, I’ve landed on five ideas for what to do if you are already feeling high vibe, which I’ll share.

Before I continue, let me say this: If you are not routinely feeling high vibe, that’s absolutely OK.

If you routinely live in the middle of the emotional scale with disappointment or overwhelm or worry, as examples, that’s OK. Even if you are used to feeling emotions further down the scale, like discouragement or insecurity, unworthiness or fear, that’s OK too.

You can only start where you are. And so you will want to get more practiced at reaching for better-feeling thoughts so you can move up the emotional scale and into a higher vibration.

Here are my five tips for when you’re feeling high vibe…

1. Appreciate even more.

When you are in a high vibration, it’s easy to expand what you notice that you appreciate. So when you’re feeling high vibe, you can focus even further on what you appreciate.

Appreciation is in the #1 spot on the emotional scale. It’s a delightful feeling to experience and it’s a fantastic energy for attracting.

So as you are feeling in a high vibration, and then appreciating even more, you are an amazing magnet for attracting more circumstances and conditions, more people and things, more situations and events of a similar high vibe.

If you are already feeling high vibe, the second thing you can do is…

2. Gather touchstones.

Use feeling high vibe as an opportunity to notice what enhances your happiness.

In short, a touchstone is a shortcut to alignment. A touchstone is something you notice is present when you are feeling happy.

“Take notice of that which uplifts you and remember it, and then, when you specifically want to feel uplifted, use that as a touchstone to your happiness.” —Abraham

When you are in a high vibration is exactly the time you want to be gathering these touchstones. Notice what pleases you, what uplifts you.

I absolutely love being on the lookout for touchstones. Noticing these touchstones will readily flow when you’re in a high vibration.

3. Embrace that being in a high vibration is your natural state.

“You don’t have to work at being in the high vibration that is natural to you, because it is natural to you. But you do have to stop holding the thoughts that cause you to lower your vibration.” —Abraham

Rather than believe a life of stress and low grade friction is normal or that you can only be happy if your ducks are all lined up in a row, what if you embrace that being in a high vibration is truly your natural state of being? As Abraham says, being high vibe is natural and available to you, and all you have to do is stop thinking thoughts that cause you to feel low vibe.

Sometimes a client will ask me, Is it really that easy? My answer: Yes, yes it is!

These days I really enjoy believing that being in a high vibration is my natural state. Rather than see feeling good as the exception or the rarity or dependent on circumstances, to believe a high vibe can be the norm feels incredibly expansive to me.

4. Be expectant of joy.

This one piggybacks on the previous that being in a high vibration is your natural state.

“The best question for you to put to the Universe with an expectation of an answer is: Where is my greatest joy? That is the most powerful question. What makes me happy? What can I do today that will bring me the greatest amount of joy? And you will find floodgates opening and all kinds of new experiences pouring in.” —Abraham

What can you do today that will bring you the greatest amount of joy?

I love this question. It assumes joy is available, right? That question is expectant of joy. It anticipates joy.

When you expect and anticipate joy, you experience joy. This is along the same lines as the classic LoA mantra: Look for what you want to see. It’s the same with feeling good.

Anticipate feeling the way you want. Be expectant of feeling good. Because that primes you to notice and focus on what feels good to you.

If you are already feeling high vibe, a fifth thing you can do—and this is the most important one of all…

5. Enjoy the feeling.

Enjoy feeling good. Savor it. Bask in it. Take pleasure in feeling good.

Notice the satisfaction you experience when you feel high vibe. Delight in the experience.

I love feeling good. I prioritize feeling good. I enjoy being in a high vibration.

You might be scratching your head about why I’m even offering a tip to enjoy feeling good. I mean, isn’t that sort of the obvious thing to do? Isn’t feeling good what everyone is wanting? And yet…too many of us have an M.O. when we feel high vibe, and that is to squander the good feeling.

So this brings me to what not to do when you are feeling high vibe.

I’ll share three ways I’ve noticed someone can compromise their high vibe without intending to. These are my three tips for what not to do.

1. Don’t feel bad about feeling good.

Too many times someone is feeling really good and then starts to feel guilty. Maybe I shouldn’t feel this way. Not everyone is feeling good right now. There are so many people in the world with problems who don’t feel this way. Who am I to feel so good?

And so in short order she has talked herself out of feeling good. Bottom line: Don’t feel bad about feeling good.

2. Don’t grasp tightly to the high vibration.

This might sound like: Oh my goodness, this feels so good. I’m so happy. This feeling is amazing. It’s so wonderful to be in such a high vibration. I want this to last forever. I have to hold on to this feeling. How do I keep this feeling? And on and on.

Instead of enjoying the feeling, the energy becomes more about trying to avoid losing the feeling. Which, of course, means you lose the feeling. Bottom line: Don’t grasp tightly to the high vibration.

3. Don’t let goals get in the way of your joy.

At times you might be in a high vibration and then bump up against the “real world”.

You need to clean the house or do your expense reports.
It’s time to return home from vacation or the weekend is coming to an end.

And in those moments perhaps you feel yourself slipping down the emotional scale from the high vibe you were experiencing. You might go a little way down or a long way down. Regardless, there’s no need.

  • You can be as happy returning home from vacation as you were leaving on vacation.
  • You can be as happy doing the grocery shopping as you are poolside.
  • You can be as happy preparing the presentation for work as you are having dinner with a friend.

It’s all about your orientation. It’s all about whether you are focused merely on getting things done—achieving goals, marking things off a To Do list—or whether you are focused on joy.

“Let go of goal orientation and focus on joy orientation.” —Abraham

This is not about not doing the grocery shopping or not preparing the presentation for work. It’s about being where you are and doing all things in joy.

Your thoughts are what allow you to enjoy the vacation. Your thoughts are what will allow you to enjoy cleaning the house.

We have programmed ourselves to think and believe these experiences allow us to be happy whereas those experiences do not. But that’s not the case.

You are either oriented toward joy or you are not. That is the difference. Not the circumstance, but your orientation. Not the circumstance, but the thoughts you are thinking about it.

Bottom line: Don’t let goals get in the way of your joy.

“Every single activity that you’re involved in is for one purpose only, and that is to give you a moment of joy. That’s why it all exists.” —Abraham