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Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 10)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 10

In this volume, you’ll learn:

The opportunity you are missing if you’re picky about what you wear but not what you think

The story of my first encounter with Abraham and how it offered me a lifeline for a trip I was dreading

Why you don’t need to go on a silent retreat in India to tap into your intuition

The negative emotion too many of us are activating about the future

What happens when how you think about yourself doesn’t support what you want to manifest

4 steps to help you build the critical LoA skill of assigning meaning to circumstances

What many of us are getting wrong about Step 1 of manifesting

The question to always ask yourself whenever you experience negative emotion

The real reason change is hard—it’s probably not what you think

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 9)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 9

In this volume, you’ll learn:

Four distinctions that have helped me understand how to manifest with ease

The way most of us look at being triggered—and why it’s not useful

The problem with postponing how you want to feel until you get the promotion or partner

Why the word “but” is often a signal that you are contradicting your desire

What happens when you keep reactivating the vibration of regret

The pitfall of ignoring your own intuition when it comes to your LoA practice

Nine questions that will help you uncover your blocks to a prosperous life

What’s really happening when you deflect compliments and refuse offers of help

Three little words that give the Universe room to maneuver and deliver what you want

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 8)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 8

In this volume, you’ll learn:

How to know whether you’re in receiving mode or resisting your own desire

Three ways to shift the energy around a practiced vibration of unworthiness

How to know the difference between a positive-sounding statement and a better-feeling thought

Why paying attention to things that feel bad makes you a magnet for what you do not want

Why discussing facts and facing reality are often the pathway to mis-creating

Why joy deserves a bigger role in your life than just weekends and vacations

What’s often going on when you talk yourself out of what you want or give up on your dreams

5 questions to know if you’ve been taking a manual or magical approach to living

Two very different points of attraction for the dream relationship or new job you want

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 7)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 7

In this volume, you’ll learn:

How to look around and see evidence of your beliefs everywhere

What happens when you focus on something for 17 seconds

What 68 seconds has to do with manifesting

Ten Vortex-inspiring questions you can ask and answer

What Abraham says procrastination is really a sign of

How a Focus Wheel can help you clean up your vibration

Eight tips for lowering your resistance

Why there is no upside to the habit of worrying

10 things I’ve learned about reaching for better-feeling thoughts from working with my coaching clients

The reason advice giving, even when it’s solicited, has a downside

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 6)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 6

In this volume, you’ll learn:

The difference between having a negative emotion and indulging in negative emotions

Common scenarios that can make it seem like the Law of Attraction isn’t working

Why it’s not a good idea to quit your job or leave a relationship when you’re feeling negative emotion

The reason we want everything we want—from the relationship to the latest iPhone

Two ways to match up vibrationally to what you want to manifest

How controlling and micromanaging get in the way of the Universe

Simple advice about withdrawing your attention to improve your point of attraction

How to deal with the disappointment of not getting something you had your heart set on

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 5)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 5

In this volume, you’ll learn:

How to get what you want—and why you haven’t already

What happens when you give your attention to things you don’t want and don’t like

Classic symptoms of Someday Syndrome and how it gets in the way of what you want manifesting

Six ways to tap into what the Universe is flowing to you

What a belief really is and why it’s not the “truth”

Whether you’re trying to compensate for misaligned action with all your hard work

The question you can ask, moment by moment, that is life changing

What happens when you regret your past and worry about your future

Why you don’t want to spend your precious life experience training others to make you happy

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 4)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 4

In this volume, you’ll learn:

How to embrace Law of Attraction as a way of life rather than a one-time event

A classic Law of Attraction framework to know if you’re in receiving mode for wellness or illness, abundance or scarcity

How to use the emotional scale and reach for better-feeling thoughts

How to deal with negative, low-vibe people and the excuse you may be using if you self-identify as a highly sensitive person

How to do a Rampage of Appreciation—and the blindspot that may be in the way of your appreciation practice

My three simple words of advice for getting started with Law of Attraction

Tell-tale signs you’re a people pleaser and what approval seeking has to do with Law of Attraction

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 3)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 3

In this volume, you’ll learn:

Experiments to prove Law of Attraction works in your own life

How to embrace what you want—and be absolutely OK with not knowing how you’ll get it

How self-sacrifice creates a low vibration that leads to suffering, martyrdom, and resentment

What happens when you repeatedly ask the Universe for what you want—from a place of not having it

Whether your point of attraction and your emotional set-point are attracting what you want into your life

Why it’s a bad idea to focus on facts and face reality

The problem with living life as if the goal is to get it all done

How to stop struggling and get relief when it comes to making decisions

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 2)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 2

In this volume, you’ll learn:

Why contrast is your friend—and what to do when you notice something you don’t like

How to lighten up when you make a selection from the all-you-can-imagine buffet of life

Why my ego liked marking things off a To Do list (and why yours probably does too)

4 distinctions to help you shift your energy—you’ll feel the difference!

What pre-paving is and how to know if you’re pre-paving what you want or what you don’t want

4 things to do when you pop out of alignment

Why it’s a myth that massive action is the only way to achieve your goals

The magic question to easily make decisions

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction (Volume 1)

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction
Volume 1

In this volume, you’ll learn:

About the Unwanted 5—and how they lower your point of attraction

What happens when you focus on problems rather than solutions

6 ways you may be creating by default

How to tap into intuitive decision-making instead of relying on experts

Why it’s best to avoid a rigid morning routine

The problem with only focusing on what-is

How to stop doing everything the hard way and instead flow downstream

The exact steps for creating a powerful vision portfolio and become a master at manifesting



You’ll learn:

The difference between items on your To Do list versus tolerations

How many tolerations you have in your own life—and exactly what they are

The high price you pay for the things in life you’re putting up with

How to decide—from three possible choices—what to do about each and every one of your tolerations

Easy-to-use strategies for getting rid of what’s draining your energy

Tips for staying motivated on your way to living toleration-free

How to keep tolerations from reappearing weeks or months later