• Why you don’t want to be on the freeway with me

    OK, confession time. I’ve developed a really annoying habit. One that makes any car ride on the interstate a nightmare—for me and whoever is driving, which is usually Hans. I’ve gone from being something of a backseat driver to a very fearful passenger who’s constantly gasping as if we’re about to crash and pushing my […]

  • Maybe it’s not a lack of willpower…but a missing skill

    You’re asked to use software completely unfamiliar to you… You try a complicated new cooking technique… You take on new responsibilities at work outside your expertise…. What happens? You struggle. At least at first. And if you never build the skill or acquire the knowledge you need, you’ll probably continue to struggle. Gap in skills and […]

  • What if you’re creating the wrong results?

    It used to be a struggle to create the results I wanted in my life. I’ve always been a big fan of setting goals, so that wasn’t the problem. No, something else was going on. I would set a goal and take action, but then struggle to gain traction and sustain momentum. It turns out […]