• Warning: These undone To Dos are robbing you

    A To Do list… Need backup system for computer Bags of clothes for donation piled in closet Call phone company about echo in phone line Replace broken tile in backsplash Overflowing junk drawer Burned out light bulb in closet Figure out how to use budgeting software Clean out the garage Recaulk bathtub Get referrals for […]

  • Are you complaining about something that happened a year ago?

    A¬†friend I hadn’t seen in awhile recounted a story about something that happened to him at work. The Dilbert-like story showcased a toxic relationship with a colleague and highlighted a dysfunctional work environment. My friend, let’s call him “Bob”, told the story with such gusto that I wondered if I was witnessing someone hyperventilate. This […]

  • A fresh start: Bringing less of the old into the new

    I came across a website,¬†Wordsmith, where the word of the day was coprolite, a noun that means “fossilized excrement”. I couldn’t help but think of another meaning for the definition: Old $#!^. Or another interpretation simply would be old stuff. Either way, it got me thinking about how often “coprolite” is not just the word […]