• 5 ways to know if it’s high vibe or trying to fill a hole

    The distinction between high vibe versus trying to fill a hole can apply to anything, but seems particularly relevant when it comes to personal development. So think about the books you read, workshops you attend, classes you take, courses you enroll in, podcasts you listen to… How do you know if taking that class about […]

  • 5 ways being a taskmaster is no fun

    5 ways being a taskmaster is no fun

    Hey, I have someone I’d like you to meet! She’s a demanding kill-joy who will make you feel lousy about yourself and is never any fun. Certainly doesn’t sound like your first choice for company, does it? And yet you very likely hang out with her all the time. It’s your inner taskmaster. And she’s […]

  • Have a love-hate relationship with your To Do list? Get rid of it.

    I used to have a To Do list. OK, to be honest, I used to be ruled by my To Do list. It reigned. Supreme. I was its oh-so-humble servant, and we definitely had a love-hate relationship. On the love side… I loved how writing things on my To Do list gave me an initial […]

  • Giving myself permission

    I don’t want to be driven anymore

    I didn’t realize in early May I was taking a sabbatical. I thought I was just feeling a bit less motivated. Finding it more difficult to focus. Noticing my productivity was falling off. It was a curious turn of events because I’ve always been such a taskmaster with myself—driven, pushing through, doing, doing, doing. But […]