• A daily dose of saying no will make you happier

    Have you said no today? If not, why not? We have to start saying no if we want to be intentional about our lives. Let’s unpack that statement because “intentional about our lives” might sound vague or New Agey. Not that there’s anything wrong with New Agey. But I know phrases like living intentionally and living […]

  • No is a complete sentence

    Here’s the problem: Saying yes too often and to the wrong things means you end up drained and depleted. Overwhelmed and exhausted. And, truth be told, feeling burdened, put upon, and probably a little resentful. We say yes to be needed, liked, and avoid disappointing others. We say yes out of guilt, out of duty, […]

  • Learning to say Yes and No with ease

    A client recently made a distinction about the type of speaking engagements she accepts. She’s not interested in creating content and traveling to deliver a presentation to grow the knowledge of an audience. Instead, it’s only worth her time if she’s building the skills of audience members. Which means at the end of one of […]

  • I think we’re scared to death of having more energy

    I want you to draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. Go ahead, I’ll wait. In one column, write down what gives you energy. In the other column, list everything you can think of that drains your energy. Really, I mean it. Pull out a piece of paper and spend a […]

  • I’m just not energized by my work anymore

    I recently worked with two women, each who came to coaching with her own unique version of I’m not energized by my work anymore. Too much on her plate The first client had too much on her plate. And it didn’t get there by accident. Poor boundaries and people pleasing had her saying “yes” too […]