• Do you need a little adventure in your life?

    Has your routine started to feel like a rut? When’s the last time you were unplanned, leaving room for spontaneity? When’s the last time you left an opening in your calendar for serendipity? Routine can be great. Organized and orderly. Planned and prepared. Check things off your list Get stuff done. But routine can also […]

  • Where are you on autopilot?  Where are you in a rut?

    I came across a great quote the other day: The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions. Ouch. That certainly puts a rut in perspective, doesn’t it? The quote comes from John C. Maxwell about how to break out of a rut to avoid the slow death of your dreams. Maxwell’s […]

  • Slipping into something less comfortable

    Will you slip into something less comfortable?

    It’s all too easy to get and stay in our comfort zone and never venture out—personally or professionally. We have the same hair style for 10 years. We don’t volunteer for certain opportunities at work because we don’t like public speaking. We go to the same restaurants. We are afraid of new fashions. We don’t […]