• Organizing and managing are not the answer

    Organizing and managing are not the answer

    We have too many things and situations in our lives we’re trying to organize and manage. Our closets overflow with clutter and we think, If only I could get organized. Our calendars spill over with commitments and we think, If only I could manage my time more effectively. Our lives are filled with tension and worry […]

  • Are you addressing symptoms or root causes?

    A number of my clients stress over feeling disorganized. They talk about finding the right time management system, decluttering once and for all, or finding a new and improved way to tackle their To Do list. Unfortunately, none of those strategies address the root cause of the problem. Which means the symptoms associated with feeling […]

  • Tired of the quick fix? Need more than a band-aid?

    Are you about the quick fix? Do you tend to put band-aids on what’s not working in your life? Instead of getting to the root of a problem and addressing the cause, do you turn to a temporary “remedy” or quick fix? A band-aid that inevitably fails to be a long-term solution. It happens to […]