• 5 ways to be more selfish

    Imagine we’re sitting together over a cup of coffee or tea, and I look you in the eye, and say, You’re so selfish. How do you feel? Have I insulted you? Or complimented you? Being thought of as selfish is a bad thing, right? I mean, who wants to be called selfish? It’s not exactly […]

  • Jealousy is not the pathway to manifesting

    I want to talk about jealousy. You know, that feeling of envy about someone else’s achievements or shiny pennies or experiences. That feeling of discontent or even resentment about someone else’s possessions or qualities or good fortune. I imagine we’ve all experienced the emotion of jealousy. Even as you may want to celebrate the good […]

  • Do you have these 9 prosperity blocks?

    What is prosperity? My definition of prosperity is when you are thriving and flourishing in all aspects of your life. So prosperity is not just financial. “Indeed, you are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, happiness and plenty in your world.” —Catherine Ponder Are you experiencing peace, health, happiness, and plenty? […]

  • Love Your Life #025: Do you think Law of Attraction is selfish?

    Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction. Today we’re going to talk about whether Law of Attraction is selfish—and the complete 180 I’ve done. To access this episode, join LYL Premium. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn… What happened when I set out to make the case Law of […]

  • 8 ways to spring clean your mind

    Winter is over and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for spring cleaning. This time of year makes us want to throw open the windows, air out the house, and do some deep cleaning. It feels good to let the sunshine in and make your surroundings shine and sparkle. And there’s no doubt […]

  • Are you getting more than you’re giving up?

    The other day a client was lamenting a bad habit she’d developed: Hitting the snooze button and rolling over for a few more minutes of sleep…and then hitting snooze for a few more minutes…and then snoozing again. The result of this nearly hour-long snooze and roll? She was still technically getting up “on time”—if on […]

  • To Do vs. Toleration:  It matters more than you might think

    I have a To Do list. I use it to get things done. Tasks go on the list. Tasks are marked off the list. I used to be at war with my To Do list because it started to fill less with tasks to do and more with tolerations. You know what I mean by […]

  • There’s a saying: Comparison is the thief of joy

    Well, comparison is also a sneaky energy thief. Thinking everyone is better off—has it easier, has more stuff, better looks, more advantages…is an energy wasteland. Comparison breeds bitterness, resentment and jealousy. It also triggers insecurity, anxiety and self-doubt. Comparison: It’s the mantra of separation and disconnect. Because whatever the particular comparison, it’s them versus you—and […]

  • Mini Mission—Establish or renegotiate a boundary

    How are your boundaries? Established and strong? Or vague (even to you, but especially to others) and weak? Many of my coaching clients are working on setting stronger boundaries as a critical component of self-care. They’re tired of saying “yes” when they really want to say “no.” They’re frustrated by taking on commitments and then […]