• Sometimes you have to take it apart

    Sometimes when it’s not working you have to take it apart

    Sometimes when it’s not working you have to take it apart. Sometimes you take it apart to look at all the pieces individually and see which ones are causing the problem. Which ones don’t fit anymore. Which ones need to be changed. Sometimes you take it apart just to look at what makes it up. […]

  • What are you discarding this time of year?

    Today is an Indian summer kind of day. While walking downtown, I think about why autumn is my favorite time of year over the other seasons. I think it’s the falling away that always seems to happen to me this time of year. Just like the trees shedding their leaves, these are the months I’m […]

  • I’ve never noticed spring as much as this year

    I’ve never noticed Spring as much as this year. Or at least I haven’t noticed it this much in a decade. Want to know why? Because I had my nose to a (largely self-imposed) grindstone and was working all the time. And when I wasn’t working, I was too bleary-eyed from overwork to notice much […]

  • Hibernating as a means of renewal

    What happened when I noticed my own version of hibernation

    Winter is here. And with it are short, dark days. Long nights. A perpetual blanket of snow on the ground. A cold that commands respect and settles in the bones. Bare trees and gray sky. Winter has me thinking about the ebb and flow of seasons and the natural course of things, like the instinctive […]

  • Making the connection

    Making the time to make the connection

    Today would have been my Grandmother’s 91st birthday.┬áRather than be sad on this day, I’m thinking of ways to honor her. One that easily comes to mind has to do with connection. My Grandmother loved nothing more than someone stopping by her house for a visit. There didn’t need to be an occasion. And you […]