• You’re too old and just not that lucky

    One of my superpowers is detecting limiting beliefs and false assumptions. They’re rotten for your confidence and your future. You know, thoughts like I’m just not lucky or I’m too old to make a career change. Here’s what I believe: There are enough external obstacles in life without putting internal ones in your way too. […]

  • What mindset are you operating from right now?

    It’s easy to get so busy—so caught up in doing—that you go on autopilot and develop a mindset that becomes more about merely getting through the day. When you do things without thinking, it’s easy to develop ways of thinking that don’t serve you. To get off autopilot you need to pause long enough to […]

  • Not now doesn't mean not ever

    Do you treat a setback like a stop sign?

    How many times does something not happen when you want it, the way you want it and you act like it’s the end of the story? You didn’t get the promotion. It doesn’t look like the trip to Europe is going to happen. Another month passed and the house hasn’t sold. Your new business idea […]

  • Reframe limiting beliefs in 6 steps

    Limiting beliefs are sure to keep you stuck

    I watch otherwise smart and capable people stay stuck day after day because of limiting beliefs. The person who says, I’m just not creative foregoes opportunities to create. The person who says, I’ve never been able to stick with things stops setting goals altogether. The person who says, I’m not good at networking and wouldn’t really know how […]

  • Are you thinking of the wasted years?

    The other day someone shared, I hate being a CPA, but that’s what my degree is in and I’ve worked in the field for 8 years already, so I really can’t make a change. Oh, the disheartening weight of that mindset. This type of thinking is a cognitive misstep that behavioral economists call “sunk-cost fallacy”. […]

  • If only and but

    I hear a lot of “if only…” and “but, but, but”

    I hear a lot of “if only…” and “but, but, but”. What I don’t hear enough of is “and”. If only my husband didn’t travel so much for work, I could go back to school.  If only I had more money in savings, I could pursue my passion. If only I had more time, I […]

  • Mindset: Dreams are impractical

    Dreams are impractical. Or are they?

    It hurts my heart when someone says dreams are impractical. Hurts my head and soul too. And I do hear it. At least a couple times a month. Sometimes more. I’ve heard it from clients, workshop attendees, the woman doing my nails, the man seated next to me on the plane. This bleak mindset sometimes […]

  • Are you open to possibility?

    Possibility and opportunity are all around

    Possibility and opportunity are all around if you’re on the lookout. Here’s a great story about the importance of being present to the opportunities right in front of you. Back in the ’50s Kihachiro Onitsuka was trying to make basketball shoes in Japan, believing the sport was going to become popular in that country. His […]

  • There’s this whole world out there

    There’s this whole world out there Full of risk and hope Possibility and probability Optimism and expectation Chance and chance encounters There’s this whole world out there Full of sights and sounds Charm and chaos Streets to walk down Experiences to be had There’s this whole world out there Waiting for you to look up from […]

  • It’s too late for me to make a career change

    Not a week goes by someone doesn’t confide in me they’re unhappy in their work. Alongside the woe of work, I frequently hear some version of but I can’t change careers. I’m 10 years in. I can’t waste the time I’ve already invested. It’s what my degree is in. It’s too late for me to […]