• This is my guide: “First, I reach for joy, and all else follows.”

    I can hardly believe I’ve released the 200th episode of Love Your Life + Law of Attraction! It seems only yesterday my intuition gave me a nudge that a podcast was next for me. And if you’ve heard me tell the story, my immediate reaction was No, no I don’t think so. Sounds like a […]

  • Love Your Life #200: What’s on my mind at 200 episodes

    Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction. Today we’re going to talk about what’s on my mind at 200 episodes of Love Your Life. To access this episode, join LYL Premium. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn… How reaching for joy first is how this show came to be […]

  • Are you applying what you know about LoA?

    In reaching the milestone of 150 episode of Love Your Life + Law of Attraction, I’ve been thinking about what I know now that I didn’t when I started this LoA journey. And I’ve been curious about what’s on my mind three years in. Now, let me say right up front: I don’t have an […]

  • I wanted to blame a negative review for how I felt

    This is a story of my journey from misalignment to alignment. Since this is a journey we all go on, I know you’ll be able to relate. I’m going to share the story of what happened, my reaction, my misalignment, and then most importantly, how I got back in alignment. Sitting here now, I actually […]

  • Is micromanaging getting in the way of manifesting?

    How do you think about what you want to manifest? How do you ask for what you want? Are you demanding? Are you controlling? Do you micromanage? Are you short-sighted? I’ll bet your first reaction is to say no to all the above. No, Jennifer, I’m not demanding or controlling. But I’ve been noticing this: […]