• Milk every moment for all the pleasure you can get from it

    Most of us, myself included, have a big opportunity when it comes to amplifying our vibration when we are at the higher end of the emotional scale. So here’s what happens for some of us. We get to a good-feeling place. We manage our minds and think better feeling thoughts and climb the emotional scale. […]

  • Love Your Life #131: Are you milking the high vibe moments?

    Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction. Today we’re going to talk about two ways to milk the moment—and how using this LoA concept puts you in vibrational alignment with your desires. To access this episode, join LYL Premium. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn… The opportunity many of […]

  • Mini Mission—Stop sacrificing pleasure to productivity

    I like my coffee piping hot. But last week I noticed this: I re-heated my single cup of morning coffee six times because I kept getting distracted and it cooled off. Six times. And it was only 8 ounces of coffee. I didn’t really even notice the first couple times I stuck my mug in […]

  • Are you waiting until you’re happy to smile?

    I was out and about in the world today and noticed something striking, something peculiar. Hardly anyone was smiling. Not the people I passed on the sidewalk. Not those driving in their cars. I saw couples sitting together at restaurants with barely a smile between them. I saw clerks in stores and customers at cafes […]