• Have you lost much of your muchness?

    I recently received an unexpected package in the mail. Not knowing what it was and the anticipation as I opened it was already high vibe, and then…what was waiting inside the wrapping was absolutely delightful! My friend, Laurie, had sent me a little book called Finding Muchness: How to Add More Life to Life. This […]

  • Did you see the bear coming out of the porta-potty?

    In the past, I never would’ve clicked to read anything about a bear. Or a porta-potty. I was too busy and certainly didn’t have time for frivolous. Which makes me realize this: I’m so much less serious than I used to be. I laugh more. Play more. I don’t work as many hours. I take […]

  • How do you want to work, play, love and live?

    I love asking people to describe their ideal day. What time it starts. How they greet the day. Their morning routine. I love to hear about the adventure they would make of their day. The work they would get lost in. Their creative pursuits. How they would contribute. All the ways they would connect. How […]

  • 5 ways being a taskmaster is no fun

    5 ways being a taskmaster is no fun

    Hey, I have someone I’d like you to meet! She’s a demanding kill-joy who will make you feel lousy about yourself and is never any fun. Certainly doesn’t sound like your first choice for company, does it? And yet you very likely hang out with her all the time. It’s your inner taskmaster. And she’s […]