• What to do when your To Do list makes you feel bad

    Most of us are too quick to add items to our To Do list. Which means these lists very quickly become a mile long. Overwhelming and unmanageable. De-energizing and undoable. What’s your list like? What about you? If I looked at your To Do list, how many items would I find? Only a handful? Dozens? […]

  • Why inbox zero is the wrong measuring stick

    Recently the topic of inbox zero came up with a couple clients. One was discouraged that her attempts at inbox zero had failed. She consistently ended the day with multiple emails remaining in her inbox. Another client was ending each day with zero emails in her inbox, but this wasn’t making her feel more organized […]

  • Do you need a little adventure in your life?

    Has your routine started to feel like a rut? When’s the last time you were unplanned, leaving room for spontaneity? When’s the last time you left an opening in your calendar for serendipity? Routine can be great. Organized and orderly. Planned and prepared. Check things off your list Get stuff done. But routine can also […]

  • Mini mission—Stop trying to be more efficient

    Many of my clients struggle with what they describe as “time management issues”. They want to learn strategies for working more efficiently so they can get more done. Does that describe you? Do you say things like: If only I were more organized. I just need better systems. I have to streamline how I do […]

  • What's your type? Judging or Perceiving?

    What’s your type? Judging or Perceiving?

    Of all the Myers-Briggs preference pairs, this one is the most challenging for many to wrap their minds around. Judging versus perceiving. Part of the initial confusion is caused by the terms themselves. Judging sounds like it means judgmental. Perceiving sounds like it’s about being perceptive. Neither is the case. So what are these two […]

  • Don’t look now, but there are dishes in the sink

    there will always be more to clean up to put away to organize to take care of there will always be more to add to your To Do list there’s a dish in the sink a load of dirty laundry a bill waiting to be paid a cluttered closet there will always be more productivity […]

  • Organizing and managing are not the answer

    Organizing and managing are not the answer

    We have too many things and situations in our lives we’re trying to organize and manage. Our closets overflow with clutter and we think, If only I could get organized. Our calendars spill over with commitments and we think, If only I could manage my time more effectively. Our lives are filled with tension and worry […]

  • Are you missing an opportunity to be restored?

    A friend called in a state of overwhelm. She’d finally decided to tackle the clutter that filled her home, but was struggling to find a strategy that felt doable. Organized clutter is still clutter. Her first inclination was to organize. Most of us have been down that road where we organize our clutter instead of […]