• Mind your own business and have more energy

    If your spouse, children, parents, boss, coworkers, neighbors, and friends would just do what you want, you’d be a whole lot happier. Right? Imagine you could wave a magic wand and get everyone in line with your wants, needs, and preferences. It would immediately and automatically eliminate a significant amount of friction, frustration, and energy […]

  • Why I canceled my magazine subscriptions

    Magazines are so enticing. You see them on the newsstand with their glossy images of possibility and airbrushed perfection. You find that little card inside saying you can have a whole year’s worth for only $19.95. Just mail it back on impulse. They’ll bill you later. And if you’re like me, you’ll keep paying and […]

  • Mini mission—Ask for what you need

    It’s amazing how often we expect others to read our minds about what we need. And then get upset when they don’t. Listen versus problem solve You want your friend to listen when you talk about the problem you’re having at the office, not problem solve. But you don’t tell her this upfront. Instead, you […]