• Mini Mission—Be an example

    Someone wise once said: Everybody teaches us something. Some how we want to live. Others how we don’t. I’m impatient. It’s a character flaw, plain and simple. And while I don’t beat myself up about my impatience, it’s something I actively work to improve. When I’m impatient—whether with the slow speed of service at a […]

  • Mini mission—Go one day without complaining

    Do you complain a lot? You just might be surprised. For instance, have you complained today about the weather? The traffic? Or your spouse doing this or not doing that? Have you complained today about your job, commute, co-workers or boss? Have you complained about your kids? Customer service? Or a recent purchase that didn’t meet […]

  • Mini mission—Ask for what you need

    It’s amazing how often we expect others to read our minds about what we need. And then get upset when they don’t. Listen versus problem solve You want your friend to listen when you talk about the problem you’re having at the office, not problem solve. But you don’t tell her this upfront. Instead, you […]

  • Mini mission—Quit something

    Today you’re going to quit something. That’s right, quit. Not start, but stop. Cease. Discontinue. Give up. Abandon. And boy is it going to feel good! We’re so used to starting things. Adding on. Beginning. But sometimes we need to create some breathing room. Our plate is too full. We’ve outgrown something. Said “yes” too […]

  • Mini Mission—Turn off the TV

    Come Monday morning, I often hear people say they feel like they’re in the fog of a TV-watching hangover. What about you? Are you coming off a weekend of too much TV watching? Do you feel guilty for having spent so much time passively on the couch, consuming rather than creating? Do you feel upset […]

  • Mini Mission—Edit your life

    Ever been handed an edited version of something you’ve written? Notice how deleting a word here and sentence there makes the whole thing flow more smoothly? How editing makes it easier to read and understand? Makes it better. Well, our lives are like that too. When we edit to remove the unnecessary, a new coherent whole […]

  • Mini Mission—Stop running on fumes

    A lot of people are running on fumes—their reserve tank is empty. Are you one of them? To have a reserve means having more than you need in areas of your life—like personal space, finances, time, energy, rest, etc. Do you have reserves? Or are you running on empty in some area? (Maybe even more than one…) […]

  • Mini Mission—Own your power

    Are you giving away your power? Giving away your personal power diminishes you and erodes your ability to create change in your life. You might be giving away your power by: blaming others looking backward instead of forward not listening to your intuition trying to be someone you’re not people pleasing letting others decide what’s […]

  • Mini Mission—Establish or renegotiate a boundary

    How are your boundaries? Established and strong? Or vague (even to you, but especially to others) and weak? Many of my coaching clients are working on setting stronger boundaries as a critical component of self-care. They’re tired of saying “yes” when they really want to say “no.” They’re frustrated by taking on commitments and then […]

  • Mini Mission—Give the gift of reading

    About a year ago, I had hundreds of physical books lining my many bookshelves. In fact, I had so many books I’d put some in totes to store in my office closet. Still the bookshelves overflowed. I love books. There’s just nothing quite like the promise of an unread book. But the thing was: I’d […]