• What's your type? Judging or Perceiving?

    What’s your type? Judging or Perceiving?

    Of all the Myers-Briggs preference pairs, this one is the most challenging for many to wrap their minds around. Judging versus perceiving. Part of the initial confusion is caused by the terms themselves. Judging sounds like it means judgmental. Perceiving sounds like it’s about being perceptive. Neither is the case. So what are these two […]

  • What’s your type? Extraversion or Introversion?

    Extraversion and Introversion are about how we get energized and where we direct our energy. Do you know which you’re wired for? Your preference sheds light on why certain situations are energizing or certain people draining. Why certain work environments bring out your best while others leave you distinctly out of sorts. For instance, if […]