• You’re too old and just not that lucky

    One of my superpowers is detecting limiting beliefs and false assumptions. They’re rotten for your confidence and your future. You know, thoughts like I’m just not lucky or I’m too old to make a career change. Here’s what I believe: There are enough external obstacles in life without putting internal ones in your way too. […]

  • 3 ways to be luckier by the end of the day

    My dictionary says luck is success or failure brought by chance rather than through your own actions. Yes, there’s that kind of luck. Fate. Kismet. Destiny. But there’s a different kind too. The kind of luck that very much depends on the actions you take. Because when it comes to being lucky, there’s plenty you […]

  • Top 10 Ways Not To Achieve Your Goal

    Top 10 ways NOT to achieve your goals

    1. Keep your goal a secret. Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone about your goal. That way no one can rally around you with support, resources, and accountability. Keeping your goal a secret also ensures part of you is hidden away. What’s so great about showing up in the world in an authentic way? 2. […]

  • Is your history weighing you down?

    Are you weighed down by your history? Do you have a narrative about your past that disempowers you? We all have a story to tell—whether to others or just ourselves—about how we got to where we are today. Here’s the thing: There are the facts of the story, such as leaving college before graduation, being […]

  • If you believe you’re unlucky, you are.

    The unlucky mindset comes in many forms. I’m just not really lucky. I can never catch a break. Bad luck follows me around. I’m never in the right place at the right time. I’m unlucky in love. She has all the luck. I just wasn’t born under a lucky star. Our mindsets become a self-fulfilling […]

  • Do you feel like a fraud?

    It happens at least a couple times a month. Sometimes while mingling at a networking event, other times across the aisle of a plane. Sometimes it happens when I’m meeting someone new for a cup of coffee or it could be while sharing lunch with others at a conference. It happened twice last weekend at […]

  • I’m grateful, but it’s not luck

    I take a walk downtown a few days a week. Have a nice lunch. Do some people watching. Work from a cafe for the afternoon. Sometimes people say to me, You’re so lucky to be able to do that. I am grateful. But make no mistake: Luck has little, if anything, to do with it. I […]