• Here’s what shows up when you feel irritation

    The other day a client was telling me about a recent week she’d had that was, in her words, “beyond exasperating.” It had been one of those Murphy’s Law kind of weeks: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” And, of course, through this outlook and energy, my client was living the Law of […]

  • Love Your Life #227: Are a lot of people being rude?

    Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction. Today we’re going to talk about why rude people might be showing up in your life experience—and what to do about it. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn… What a Murphy’s Law kind of week looks like through the lens of Law […]

  • Be careful: What you focus on multiplies

    What you focus on multiplies. Not sure if that’s true? Just give it a whirl. Hop on the negativity train Spend a few minutes thinking about things that annoy you and people who irritate you. List your gripes and grievances. Think about the store clerk who was rude to you and the driver who cut […]

  • My trip to the mall ends in irritation and disappointment

    Not long ago Hans and I were at the mall on a Saturday to have lunch. I’d been looking forward to the outing all week. Well, somehow we got our signals crossed. Hans was thinking lunch and no shopping. And I was thinking lunch and lots of shopping. I’m sure you know where this is […]

  • environment tolerations stress

    The truth behind why you’re so stressed out

    You’re stressed. You say it’s the big project at work or what’s going on in the world. It’s caring for an elderly parent or the increase in your property taxes. Those are, indeed, stress-inducing. No doubt. A sneaky kind of stress But I want to talk about something causing stress in your life that’s often […]

  • Ask these 4 questions to know if it’s a toleration

    Tolerations have been called energy vampires, the gunk of life, holes in your personal success cup, and static playing in the background of your life. All those descriptions are true. But I think the best definition is simply: Tolerations are all the things you are reluctantly putting up with. Can you relate? Because you’re probably […]

  • No, Pokemon GO wasn’t one of the apps I deleted

    The other day I deleted over two dozen apps from my iPhone. No, not Pokemon GO (haven’t yet caught the craze). These apps were mostly to help me be more productive and informed. So, am I opting out of productivity? No longer interested in what’s going on in the world? No on both counts. Here’s […]

  • Mini mission—Go one day without complaining

    Do you complain a lot? You just might be surprised. For instance, have you complained today about the weather? The traffic? Or your spouse doing this or not doing that? Have you complained today about your job, commute, co-workers or boss? Have you complained about your kids? Customer service? Or a recent purchase that didn’t meet […]