• Are you stuck in regret?

    Are you stuck in regret? Do you keep reactivating something from your past that causes you to feel gunky—a sense of loss, disappointment, or dissatisfaction about something from your past? Perhaps you have regret about a decision you made—that you now wish you’d decided differently. Maybe you regret something you did or didn’t do. Maybe […]

  • You can stop waiting. You have permission.

    Is there an area of your business where you’re waiting for permission? Permission to… Launch a new service Attend that conference Go after your ideal client Really “own” your personal brand Hire with confidence 
Say “no” to work that’s not a good fit Streamline your process Ask clients for referrals Charge more Reach out to […]

  • Is your group of 5 dragging you down?

    You’ve probably heard the expression: You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. While I’m pretty sure that’s not a scientific fact, it is food for thought. Another way to look at it is: Garbage in, garbage out. Of course, not that any person is garbage, but let’s face it: […]

  • Do you need to watch out for the big bad wolf?

    Once upon a time…the sun is shining, the birds are singing, everything’s rosy, and all is right with the world. Success is in the air. You’re at the top of your game. Things are going smoothly. Just like a fairy tale. But is there something lurking in the shadows that could get in the way […]

  • It didn’t occur to me to be embarrassed

    The other day I was browsing at the bookstore. Two women walked by and when they got close to where I was standing, one nearly dragged the other away saying, Oh, I don’t like to be seen in that aisle. It’s just too embarrassing. I was standing in the Self-Improvement aisle. I stood there for a […]

  • My manifesto revisited: 33 ways to live

    What do you believe in and stand for? What principles guide your daily thoughts and actions? How do you intend to live? I sat down one day last year and asked myself those very questions. An hour or so later, I had my manifesto, a declaration expressing my intentions and views. You can see the […]

  • Who else wants to break free of this fallacy?

    In philosophy there’s this thing called the is-ought fallacy. It boils down to this: Because something is or has been it ought to be. If you’re like me, you have to let that sink in for a minute. The is-ought fallacy is at work when we assume that because things are a certain way, they […]

  • Your comfort zone

    Your comfort zone is not where the magic happens

    Your comfort zone is safe, secure, comfortable. It’s familiar and easy to navigate because you’ve been there, done that. It keeps you in the land of Sameness. Tomorrow is like today is like yesterday. You stay contained, reined in, the same. And so your comfort zone is really the perfect place to be if you […]

  • Sometimes you have to take it apart

    Sometimes when it’s not working you have to take it apart

    Sometimes when it’s not working you have to take it apart. Sometimes you take it apart to look at all the pieces individually and see which ones are causing the problem. Which ones don’t fit anymore. Which ones need to be changed. Sometimes you take it apart just to look at what makes it up. […]

  • Are you ready to play in a bigger arena?

    I received a reminder from nature about the new possibilities that open up when we play in a bigger arena. Here’s what happened: I had a small plant that was thriving nicely in a small planter. I’d had the plant for years and it was remarkably consistent in size. Exploded in growth I recently decided […]