• Your strengths are where it’s easy. What are you waiting for?

    I’m not the quickest when it comes to math beyond calculating the tip on a restaurant bill. I have zero talent when it comes to DIY home improvement projects. I’m on the lazy side when it comes to physical labor of pretty much any kind. And I’m definitely not the one you want in charge […]

  • One thing I’m not dragging into the new year

    I spent several minutes waffling back and forth. Pitch it? Keep it? Toss? Treasure? This was not the first time this had happened. But the fact I was wavering over a small bottle of eye cream magnified the ridiculous waste of time. So let me back up. I bought a bottle of fancy schmancy eye […]

  • 3 ways to simplify—and really enjoy—the holidays

    The holidays are just around the corner. And for every Christmas carol playing on the radio, I hear someone complaining about crowds at the mall and stressing over finding the perfect gift. Don’t let this time of year wreak havoc on your serenity. Here are three ways to simplify—and really enjoy—the holidays. Don’t aim for […]