• There’s no doubt: The right questions changed my life

    My life is a work in progress. Like yours. Like everyone’s. And like me, you’ve probably had pivotal moments. Moments where something or someone crossed your path and forever changed the journey you would be on. Last month Debbie Ford, one of my teachers and sources of inspiration, passed away. Debbie was one of my […]

  • I’m grateful, but it’s not luck

    I take a walk downtown a few days a week. Have a nice lunch. Do some people watching. Work from a cafe for the afternoon. Sometimes people say to me, You’re so lucky to be able to do that. I am grateful. But make no mistake: Luck has little, if anything, to do with it. I […]

  • Your life has an expiration date.

    Your life has an expiration date

    I think it’s important to have a vision for your life. To design your life rather than live by default. Not a week goes by someone doesn’t pull me aside to ask, What if I don’t know what I want? Well here’s the thing: The first step is admitting you don’t know. The second step is making […]

  • Here are some of the questions I’d ask you

    I coach women to live their best lives, and I blog about all kinds of topics… —from goal setting to procrastination, —from the danger of deferring dreams to improving your Say/Do ratio, —from suffering from Someday Syndrome to learning how to sustain momentum, —from choosing your mindset with intention to why pursuing your passion doesn’t […]

  • Making time for what matters most

    You’re living a busy life. Caring for children, caretaking elderly parents. Working and making ends meet. Running errands, marking off chores, doing what needs to be done. And if you’re like most women, time feels in short supply. I wish I had more time. There aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ll get around to it […]

  • Are you stuck in a setback?

    I recently saw an advertisement for a car that said, “Takes bumps easily.” Oh, to be that car! So often we don’t take bumps easily. We can’t see past the bump. We get stuck in the bump. We relive the bump. We let the bump define us. After the setback I’ve noticed two distinct reactions […]

  • Being present: Spending your day as you want to spend your life

    “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” —Annie Dillard Life is not beginning tomorrow or next week or next year. It’s not beginning when that promotion finally materializes or when a romantic partner comes along. It’s not beginning when the economy gets better or when those 10 pounds are […]

  • What you eat for breakfast is just the beginning

    You have all kinds of choices every day. What you eat for breakfast, whether you’re a perfectionist, how friendly you are, what to wear, your degree of patience, what route you take to work, how you spend your time off, whether you stay in your current job, how much money you spend, whether you work too […]