challenges & obstacles, energy & ease

I had an interesting revelation during a bike ride: I like going downhill with the wind in my hair much better than straining to get up over the next hill.

Do you like the struggle?

You could say, “Of course. Who doesn’t like going downhill with no effort better than straining to get up the next knoll?”

But I’m not sure my preference is universal. Some, it seems, like the struggle, the strain, the challenge.

Here’s what I realized today as I was coasting down another hill and picking up speed without pedaling: I need to make more things in my life like that bike ride down the hill—effortless, joy-filled, exciting, in the moment.

Metaphor for life

I even found I was picking up speed as I was coasting.

What an interesting metaphor for life. Sometimes it’s in the moments when we’re not making such an effort that we find flow. And, in turn, find what we really like—what truly suits us.

I could try and pretend I like the exertion of the next challenging uphill mile.

But I don’t.

It’s liberating to accept—and even embrace—my own truth: I like ease. I like the pleasure I experience in a moment that reflects ease more than overcoming some exhausting obstacle.

My challenge to you is to notice things you that genuinely bring you pleasure—even if they don’t align with our striving, achieving culture.