Start, Stop & Change: fresh start

I came across a website, Wordsmith, where the word of the day was coprolite, a noun that means “fossilized excrement”.

I couldn’t help but think of another meaning for the definition: Old $#!^. Or another interpretation simply would be old stuff.

Either way, it got me thinking about how often “coprolite” is not just the word of today, but of every day.

A fresh start each new 24 hours

There’s simply a lot of old stuff we bring with us into each new 24 hours. Why is that?

Especially when so much of the old stuff is toxic and wearisome and gets in the way.

I’ve heard it described as looking through a dirty window—where the residue distorts and blinds us to the true beauty and possibility of what might be out there to see.

My challenge to you is to leave those remnants of waste in yesterday. Avoid bringing them with you into your next 24 hours.