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Sometimes I don’t like the answer to this question

Every month I do a monthly check-in of what I call the 4Rs—the Right questions to Reconnect, Recalibrate, and Recommit. The session takes about an hour. I reflect on the past month and answer a series of 20 thought-provoking questions that help me reconnect to what I want for the year, recalibrate my goals, and […]


Are SMART goals really all that smart?

SMART is an acronym of adjectives related to goal setting. Each letter represents something your goal should have. S is for specific M is for measurable A is for actionable R is for realistic T is for time-bound It’s amazing how easy it is to set a goal that isn’t SMART. Like Lose 10 pounds […]


Do the footwork and stay out of the results

Do the footwork and stay out of the results. Do the footwork and stay out of the results. That’s what you’d see on any given day if thought bubbles appeared over my head. For instance, I’m thinking it right now because I want to write a blog post that resonates and is useful to you. […]