Law of AttractionHere’s the thing: Law of Attraction is working in your life whether you understand it or not.

But when you do understand it, you can really leverage this powerful law of the universe—so you can get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction: Volume One (Law of Attraction Series)

This book offers practical, bite-sized advice about how to make the powerful Law of Attraction work for you—for more abundance, joy, love, appreciation, freedom, empowerment, happiness… All the good life has to offer!

You’ll come to better understand how to use it to improve your health, relationships, finances, career—in fact, all aspects of your life.

In this insight-packed volume, you’ll learn:

  • about the Unwanted 5—and how they lower your point of attraction
  • 6 ways you may be creating by default
  • how to tap into intuitive decision-making instead of relying on experts
  • why it’s best to avoid a rigid morning routine
  • the problem with only focusing on what-is
  • how to stop doing everything the hard way and instead flow downstream
  • the exact steps for creating a powerful vision portfolio and become a master at manifesting

Get ready to really leverage Law of Attraction to create a life you love!

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction: Volume One (Law of Attraction Series)

This book is based on the Love Your Life + Law of Attraction podcast. This volume reflects episodes 1-10.

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